7 Keys 2 Unlocking Your Pupose!

Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Purpose

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Jesus knew why He was here… “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

Isaiah 14:24 – 27 GOD always has a PURPOSE! There is nothing random in His Kingdom!

Psalm 20:4 You can find your purpose, and when you do will also find joy, passion and energy.

The sad laments – “Why am I here?” The joyfully exuberant exclaims- “This is what I was born for!”

Purpose is always centered in changing people’s lives, in what you leave behind, in what you will be remembered for. Purpose is always centered in others. The difference you will make on earth may not be what you are paid to do.

Seven Keys to Unlock Your Purpose.

1.    Turn from the general to the specific.

    (It’s easy to say “I want to give God Glory”  but requires effort to meet a tangible need)

     James warns us of the emptiness of saying to a cold or hungry person, “Be blessed, be warm…”.

    Many people will say in general “I want my church to grow”.. Well then, drive the van, pick up somebody, invite your neighbor..be specific! Take specific action!

     Others will complain in general…”Kids today are a mess, have no discipline, don’t know the Word!”… That’s easy…want to find pupose? Teach Sunday School! Become a Royal Rangers leader!

2.    Move from the temporary to the long-term.

    “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, you have fed him and his family for a lifetime”!

We love quick fixes, Micro-wave answers,short-term applications, instant solutions.

  Takes just weeks to grow a squash but years to grow  an oak tree! Here in the Kingdom, we invest for the long-term- ETERNITY!

3.   Transition from roles to relationships. So vitally important if you want to discover your purpose that you can tell the difference between the two!

     Roles=Rules  /  Relationship=Grace

     Roles= Temporary   /  Relationship=Lifelong

     Roles= Authority-who’s in Charge /  Relationship= Serving

     Roles=systems,policies, procedures /   Relationship=PEOPLE

4.    Exchange a mediocre mentality for an attitude of excellence.

    Good enough is never good enough!

    Excellence gets noticed and rewarded! Not legalism or perfectionism! But “I will do my best, and if that’s not quite enough, I’ll do what’s required!”

5.    Step out of laissez-faire laziness into disciplined direction.

2 Types of people…those who let life happen, and those who plan their day!

Time is the most valuable resource you have. You trade your time for everything else you want…money, friendship, fitness, learning, entertainment… Only 3% of educated westerners have taken the time to have written down their life-goals, but that 3% control 90% of the wealth of the West!

6.    Reverse the lamentation over what you can’t do to a celebration of what you can.

Discover your skills, talents, what energizes you, what you enjoy, what you love inspiring others to do. Consider Nick Vojieck for one! No limbs, but lives a Life Without Limits! (VIDEO)

7.    Switch from mental rationalization to faith filled expectation.

We are trained and conditioned from earliest memories to think in the negative. No. Impossible. Too far. Too high! Can’t be done. But those who live a life of purpose DREAM BIG DREAMS! Start asking “what if and why not”?

Martin Luther, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham all dared to dream! The Wright brothers flew even though they were the FIRST! Remember, someone always has to be FIRST!

Harry Truman said  “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”


 “Only one life so soon it will pass only what’s done for Christ will last, only one chance to do his will, so give to Jesus all your days it’s the only life that pays when you recall you have but one life.”

The apostle Paul “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God, and as for me, for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Now, that is purpose!      Pastor Myles Holmes      pastor@mylesholmes.com

My Best Advice for Pastors

Pastoral Heart Issues
The Church is God’s living hope for the world! Christ intends the church to be salt and light, overcoming, victorious, advancing against the gates of hell which cannot prevail against it. The church is a light house for the lost and a beacon of hope for the hurting. It is a voice of conscience to a dark world. I love the church!
Following are some of my definitions of a “successful” pastor.(written in the masculine, understood to be inclusive of female pastors)
• A successful pastor is one whose people remember what he has taught, can repeat it and successfully live it out in their daily lives.
• A successful pastor has people who are proud of their church, unashamed to invite their friends and family.
• A successful pastor loves his wife and kids and his people know it! He inspires others to pattern their marriage and child-rearing after his example.
• A successful pastor is one whose life demonstrates the joy of serving Christ.
• A successful pastor must love God supremely and love and care for people with great affection.
• A successful pastor must exhibit the utmost respect for the Word of God and deliver its message with conviction and clarity while applying its truths to the current challenge of the culture.
• The successful spiritual leader must be an evangelist at heart, and a discipler in mission.
• A successful pastor lives his life as an example of the believer. He preaches and teaches the living Word of God with passion, enthusiasm and joy.
• A successful pastor’s people trust him because they can sense his genuine warmth, sincerity and love. The messages he shares are practical to daily life and helpful to those struggling. Week after week the Word of God brings encouragement, hope and new purpose.
• A successful pastor answers the questions in church that people are asking at the office or the factory.
• A successful pastor says, “Follow me as I follow Christ”. And then he follows Christ!
In regards to relationships with church leadership and staff, the expectation is one of loving support, mutual respect, consideration and warmth of heart! Love is my strongest motivator and it must permeate all my relationships. Trust is built over time, but love is given unconditionally. I am collegial and team oriented. I believe in Pastoral and prophetic authority, but that does not negate the Word’s demand that we live in submission to one another. There must be a clear and common vision in order to prevent division. I believe the gifts and anointings and abilities are already “in the house”, and we must recognize and release those gifts. Team work really does make the dream work!

Leadership Style

I have the ability to get things done through a collaborative, collegial team effort. I believe there are gifting and abilities on every team and the most efficient use of those resources brings the best results. Square pegs should only be inserted into square holes.
I believe in careful, prayerful planning and preparation and specific, detailed delegation. Successful events and ministries never simply happen, they are made to happen.
Debriefing is critical. Every event needs to be analyzed to ascertain what worked and what did not, what could be improved and what should be scrapped.
I believe in setting strategic goals which are measurable. Written reports and meetings to evaluate progress are critical. Written job descriptions with clear expectations are necessary.
I operate through encouragement and positive motivation. I believe effort must be applauded, appreciated and affirmed. I believe success must not only be noticed but celebrated.
It is my practice to be highly relational with staff, department leaders and board. A church can be no more effective than its leadership is united with common heart and vision.
Saturating all of this administrative style must be the tangible anointing, the living presence of Christ and a prayerful, joyful attitude in office and church, staff and board meetings.

Pastor Myles Holmes