Character Analysis

THE FIVE MOST REVEALING CHARACTER ANALYSIS TOOLS…. Personality is important, but that is surface…

Personality is your default mood or attitude, your basic emotional makeup, easily demonstrated by what makes you laugh, what makes you angry. Personality is displayed by how you talk about people who are not in the room and your basic levels of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. Those are all very important; in fact a personality can be sinful, like the devil! Or a personality can be righteous, CHRIST-like! And that is our aim as a believer, not just to get to Heaven, but to become more and more like Jesus on the journey! So how can we tell if our character is being conformed to the image of Christ?  THE 5 MOST REVEALING CHARACTER ANALYSIS TOOLS … the critical indicators of Character are PAIN, POVERTY, PLENTY, POWER & POSITION… what you do in each of these conditions reveals the true you…

Questions to ask…

When in PAIN, do I become critical, cynical and judgmental of GOD? Job didn’t…in everything he faced, pain, loss, tragedy, hurt…he refused to curse God and would not charge God foolishly.

When in POVERTY, do I become critical, cynical and judgmental of those that are blessed? It’s easy to do… “Everybody that’s getting ahead is a crook, a fraud and a lover of money, just wait, their time is coming!”

When in PLENTY, do I become  critical, cynical and judgmental of those in need? “ “Well, obviously, they are not living right, don’t have enough faith, they need to get a job, for cryin’ out loud!

When in POWER, how do I treat those who serve me? Watch people with influence and power at a restaurant…How the powerful treat those in service is a daylight-bright exposure of their character! In fact the great leader Abraham Lincoln said that  if you want to test a man’s character, the most direct route is to put him in power! You have heard it said, power corrupts…and absolute power corrupts absolutely….the truth is, power corrupts the corruptible, absolutely.

When in POSITION, how  do I treat those who can’t fight back? Have you ever noticed a person change, when they are put into a position of leadership? Sure we have, at least it looks that way… the truth is, their true colors are showing, their character is being exposed. True character, Godly foundations of integrity do not adjust with the passing seasons, the winds of time or changing tides.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! That is the standard, if we are going to be changing, let’s become more and more like the unchanging Christ! The place to start is repentance… turning from sin, pride, selfishness and cynicism will cause us to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to make us more like Jesus… His love, mercy and grace, His Character … It is attainable… we are to be partakers of the Divine Nature, we have the Mind of Christ, we have the Word of God to teach us,  the gifts of the Spirit to empower us and the fruit of the Spirit to ripen in our lives, we have the privilege of prayer and with all of that ….we will develop a winning personality and a character of integrity!

Pastor Myles Holmes