Thanksgiving Countdown!

Today my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness for this anointed woman God has blessed me with.

Life with you My Angel, Valerie Holmes is laughter and love 💕.

You are the perfect mix of wonderful, wild & warm.

Your passion for God’s Word & His Presence inspires everyone who knows you.

“Baby, I’m amazed by you!”

Along with our five children, spouses and grandson, we all rise up and call you “Blessed”.

Loving you, forever & then some.



Myles Holmes Ministries


Today 11am & 7pm

TWO services every Wed. at REVIVE

Worship & the Word! 11 AM & 7 PM

(This evening our Coffee Bar is open and Children’s Ministry with Pastor Richard Griffith)

Worship with Melody Dayka McKenzie Join Pastor Holmes as begin to study Mark Batterson’s latest, “Whisper; How to Hear the Voice of God”

This book will set your heart & life on FIRE 🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries

Sow into Missions

Northern Canada Missions Trip

December 10-15

(Yes, it will be COLD in ways you could not possibly imagine 😀 )

Through a series of wonderful, wild -almost unbelievable- supernatural, God-ordained circumstances, two northern communities of Indigenous Canadians have been placed on my heart. (The Lord has miraculously placed people very dear to me near these communities.)

It is heart-rending to know the condition of these precious people.

Alcoholism, meth and opioids are destroying generations.

Suicide of teenagers is at record levels.

60% of all births have fetal alcohol syndrome.

There is very little to no Christian witness in these communities.

I must go, to at least prayer walk and meet with people in this community and see what God would have us to do.

Any gift, any seed you can sow to help with the expenses of travel there would be much appreciated.

I’m going in obedience to the Holy Spirit, and cannot give any more details on the location at this present time.

I have been teaching for 11 months now on the critical importance of obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit. This is one of those times when I must walk by Faith, certainly not by sight or natural awareness.

I am trusting God, and asking for your prayers in agreement for His guidance, protection and purpose to be manifested!

I will be connecting with Canadians and ministries which are much closer and able to bring the gospel on a continual basis.

If I were able to share with you the amazing signs & direction of the Holy Spirit regarding this burden, you would be as certain as I am that I must be there, to “spy out the land,” do some spiritual reconnaissance and pray for God‘s mercy there.

Send any love gift you can of any size and specify “First Nations Canada Missions”.

You can give online at

If you would prefer to write a check,

send it to


1105 Beltline Rd., Collinsville, IL 62234

(Private message your intention, so that we can make plans accordingly)

Myles Holmes Ministries

Mon. Morn

Monday Morning Motivational Moment

The average human has at least 50,000 individual thoughts every day.

That’s a lot of thinking.

Sadly, most of these thoughts are negative, demeaning, belittling and self-defeating.

But think about this. The Bible says God‘s thoughts toward you cannot be numbered. Wow! 😲

Also consider that not one of those God-thoughts are anything less than loving, redemptive, supernaturally encouraging and desirous of a better now and a glorious Eternity.

God’s ways and His thoughts are above ours (Is. 55:8) but today you can choose to live out the promise, you have the Mind of Christ! (1 Cor. 2:16)

Set your mind on things above, where Christ is! (Col. 3:2)

Myles Holmes Ministries

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Canada 🇨🇦

My son Zack Holmes and his office, Buffalo Aircraft.

Zack is a SAR Tech (Search & Rescue – “That Others May Live”) with Royal Canadian Air Force

Grateful for your previous service in Afghanistan with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Remembering today your fellow soldiers who gave their lives beside you. 😞

God bless their families today.

God bless you, proud of you.

Dad. ❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries