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The USA is back!

God bless America 🇺🇸

God bless Israel 🇮🇱

God bless our strong President Donald J. Trump

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“If we could only go back, if we could only do a rewind on life.”

I’ve been a pastor for 35 years now, and really paying attention to things of the Kingdom for at least 45 years, and I can tell you I know countless parents who wish they’d made Church a priority for their kids.

The kids are now long grown and gone, many of them are not in church, as it was not a practice in the family when they were growing up.

There were sports and school activities, then the picnics and family times, there were vacations and getaways, there were visits from grandma, and Church was reserved for Christmas if at all.

First the kids were too young.

Then the kids were too busy.

Then the kids were too bored.

Then tragically, the kids were too old.

And then there are the parents who occasionally brought the kids to church, but it certainly wasn’t a weekly habit or mid week custom.

And finally, there were the church hopping parents, never a church good enough for their family, never put down roots, their kids never connected, and today they’re totally disconnected.

Today they weep over their lost children.

I write this not to condemn, I weep with them, and I pray with them and believe for a miraculous ingathering of the lost, the wandering and the backslidden.

They ARE coming Home! ❤️

However, I do share this as a warning to those in the church now, make it a priority for you and your children, don’t miss Sundays or midweek or youth or kids ministries.

There’s no perfect church, but there’s a perfect Savior who deserves to be absolutely first place.

I’ve never met a family who has regretted making church and the fellowship of God‘s people a super high priority in their lives.

Myles Holmes Ministries

(Share this widely & perhaps spare some heart ache)


Liberals, I am staying! 😂

Social Media has a Liberal Bias? !!!


Yup! No news here….

But what concerns me are the many individuals who say they’re leaving social media because of the out right liberal bias and prejudice.

That’s all the more reason for us to stay and fight.

They would LOVE for right-thinking conservatives to vacate the premises.

We can’t be scared away or intimidated, and by the way, they can have all my information, I never post anything that I don’t want the whole wide world to know!

Myles Holmes Ministries

What’s really going on?

There is MUCH more going on in heavenly, spiritual realms than what we can see here on this earth.

Watch ….

*Turkey, Iran and Russia

*North Korea

*China militarizing South China Sea

*Iran in Syria and Lebanon

*Turkey pushing the Caliphate

*Islamic terrorism retooling and reenergizing

*Saudi Arabia reimaging and rebranding

*Russia and the Middle East

*Israel, Gaza, Hamas


*Opioid and addiction crisis


*Transgenderism, sexual & moral confusion

By all appearances, these look like political, military, natural and human problems, but make no mistake, these are spiritual issues and prophetic alignments.

The real conflicts are invisible, involving angels, powers and principalities.

The fight is not over the kingdoms of this world, so you had better be in the Word & on your knees praying to be in God’s perfect will, because YOU, my friend, have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this!

Myles Holmes Ministries