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We love joy and laughter, 😀 we love God ❤️and we love each other💕

Looking for some love and real joy? Join us tomorrow morning live at REVIVE, 10:45 AM

“Spiritual Warfare; Beating the Enemy At his Own Game”. Celebrating recovery is for all of God’s Children

Myles Holmes Ministries



Recovery ❤️


Tonite at REVIVE 7pm

Recovery program based on the power of Christ and the truth of God’s Word!

Alcoholism, divorce, sexual abuse, codependency, domestic violence, drug addiction, sexual addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction…

“Jesus is right for whatever is wrong in your life”

All are welcome … you find hope and healing from every kind of hurt, habit, hangup and heartbreak.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Men- Lead!

Doug Reising, one of our anointed members of REVIVE’s Board of Directors shared this powerful word this morning!

“I am believing that someone needs to hear this, this morning. God has appointed man to have authority in his family (Not rule over them); but truly understand the authority Christ speaks of in His Word. To Listen for the voice of God, and lead his family in all truth. The Lord dropped this in my spirit today and I am believing this is a direct Word for someone struggling with having authority as portrayed and described by Christ in His Word. I hope this encourages you to study and grow further in your walk as I seek to grow in my own personnal relationship with Him who is above all name in heaven and earth…”

Let’s say AMEN!

Myles Holmes Ministries — at Revive USA.

Jury Duty

It’s finally happened!

I’ve been summoned for jury duty.

It is an honor and a civic responsibility that I’m looking forward to.

NOT something to TRY to get out of.

But it is also a grave thing to consider, that someone’s life and future on the planet maybe in my hands. Their career, their family, their children all could be affected by my decision along with my peers.

It is not to be taken lightly.

And it suddenly occurs to me, that as a preacher of the Gospel this must be my thought every time I pick up the Bible and head toward the pulpit.

I am thinking about the tremendous and awesome responsibility I have to speak with clarity, to sound the warning, to share the light and hope of the gospel with passion and anointing, to be nothing less than purely Biblical, to preach the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God!

Lives are in the balance!

Myles Holmes Ministries



Monday Morning Motivational Moment

Why is it we spend most of our time on the least productive pursuits?

For example, complaining.

Why would we bother complaining about something we’re not willing to change?

Why would we waste time complaining about something that is outside of our control?

If we are not willing to jump in and make the change required, why are we bold enough to share our opinion? 😂

Be the change! ❤️

Remember, it was murmuring and complaining that kept a whole generation out of the Promised Land.

I am not going to miss the Promise, I pray you do not either! 🙏💥🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries