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Deliverance and freedom very rarely comes in isolation and alone.

Liberty is best accomplished in fellowship and the strength of brothers and sisters in Christ.

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35 years! 🔥

35 years ago today, I graduated from Zion , Northpoint Bible College Graduate School.

Our class theme was and still is, “Anointed to Liberate.”

I had the distinct honor of serving as our yearbook editor, here are just a few thoughts from what I wrote on page 173 of our annual.

“It is our prayer that through these pages you will have been stirred to a new and deeper realization of the need and availability of the Anointing, the special empowerment of the Holy Spirit upon your life. Let us never forget, however, that the primary and focal ministry of the Spirit is to glorify Jesus Christ. Therefore, the most accurate measure of the Anointing on an individual‘s life is the person’s Christ-likeness, for it is not merely some sort of instantaneous manifestation, but rather a lifelong divine qualification. May we ever strive to lift Jesus higher and higher, so all the world can see Who He is. By God‘s Holy Spirit, let us liberate the bound and turn loose the captive. They’re waiting for us!”

35 years later, the passion has not diminished, the pursuit has not been diluted, and the purpose has not been distracted.

My life mission remains the same.

I am so very grateful that Northpoint under the leadership of Dr David Arnett continues to prepare ministers for a supernatural, Biblical, no-compromise, anointed life of service to the King!

I met my wonderful wife Valerie Holmes at Northpoint, so I am eternally indebted in so many ways. 😀❤️

The Lord has placed us in various ministries, including evangelistic travel, worldwide television ministry, end-times prophecy crusades, foreign mission travels, serving on various boards, active political engagement and writing books. But our greatest passion remains pastoring the local church and reaching families and our region for Christ, from here at Revive USA. Love this place and this people! 💕

May the next 35 years be even more Christ -centered and fruitful!

Myles Holmes Ministries



The Throne of God in Heaven.

(From our study at Revive USA tonight in Revelation 22. “There shall be no more curse, the Throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it.”

It should occur to us, that where the Throne of God is, there can be no curse.

When the curse arrived in the Garden of Eden, it was because God was moved off the throne and man was placed there.

That is always satan’s MO.


The more rule and sovereignty and reign of God in your life, the more you enthrone Him as King, the closer you are to the blessings of Eden.

Our forever-life in Heaven will be the completion of God‘s rule and reign for all eternity… the King will rule, and there can be no more curse.

Myles Holmes Ministries


US Leadership

Good news just keeps rolling in! 👍

Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo announce the United States withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council!

In statements they called the Council “an exercise in shameless hypocrisy” and “a cesspool of political bias”.

It has a chronic bias against Israel. The council has issued more resolutions condemning Israel than North Korea, Iran and Syria combined.


America is back!🇺🇸

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump


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