Month: March 2020

Call to Prayer 🙏

We are calling for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting tomorrow.
Join with Revive USA, Pastor Myles Holmes and more than 2 million Praying Patriots.
Fast all day or pick any one meal.
Spend the time you normally would in prep and eating to get alone with God and cry out for His mercy and protection and the end of this COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I will be posting a brief call to prayer by video on all of these pages at 8 AM, 12 noon and 5 PM Central Time.
This will culminate in our anointing of Prayer Cloths on Sunday morning at Revive USA.
Be sure to tune in at 10:30 AM Central Time.
We will be releasing our faith to rebuke
-poverty and
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
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Praying 🙏

Pastor Valerie Holmes and I just had a time of prayer together in our home.
We prayed and prophesied God’s presence, strength, blessing, health, safety, protection and provision …
-for our family ❤️
-for our church ⛪️ family at Revive USA
-for the millions that we have the privilege of blessing on our social media platforms.
In other words, if you see this you were prayed for. 🙏
Be sure to join us for a live Facebook prayer video this evening at 7pm Central Time.
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅

Service Plans during Covid-19

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and a government that is overreacting to a health crisis we have no choice but to announce that effective immediately all large gatherings at Revive USA are now closed.

  • The office will remain open for visits.
  • Prayer meetings will remain open.
  • Tuesday Talks will continue.
  • Sunday 5:30 PM Pulse Student Ministries still on.
  • Wednesday evening services and Sunday morning services are now closed to the public.
    Thankfully we have the technology to have our full band and worship team and full worship experience and prayer and teaching and preaching broadcast live on all of our social media pages.
    Also live services on YouTube at
    Subscribe and you will be notified when we go live.
    Full service will now be broadcast on Wednesdays as well.
    Please stay connected here.
    Please remember to support our ministry at
    Pray for America, pray for the sick, and pray that this crisis passes quickly.
    Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
    Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
    Trump & The Great America ✅


Powerful day in the House of Prayer tomorrow at Revive USA.
9:30am Faith Academy classes for all ages
10:30am Revive Kids
10:30am Worship, Prayer & the Word
We are heeding the call of our President for a National Day of Prayer for healing and recovery and the stop of the coronavirus, and the greatest spiritual awakening this nation has ever experienced. 💥
Pastor’s prophetic message, “America’s Choice, Jezebel or Jesus?”
Tune in live on all of our pages at 10:30 AM or watch later at your convenience.
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
(This page has 2.1 million Praying Patriots) 🙏

Immune System Support


I am not a doctor or the son of a doctor, but this subject has been an intense study of mine for decades.
This COVID19 Coronavirus is not yet a problem for people who are healthy, young and have a strong immune system with no underlying medical conditions.

We pray for those in danger and ask God to bring this dangerous virus to an end.
But it’s a good time for all of us to make sure we’re doing everything we can to build the strongest functioning immune system possible.

Here’s how to do it. These are not options; they are absolutely required.

-Sleep well, rest, do your best to get at least seven hours of sleep every night.
-Take vitamins, especially C, D, B6 and E. You are not getting the nutrients from the food that you eat, so you must take vitamin supplements daily.
-Eat well. Mostly vegetables, fruit, lean meat and seafood.
-Eliminate sugar. Considerate sugar a poison. Sugar diminishes your immune system by boosting bad bacteria in your gut, not to mention the added weight it puts on you. It is an addictive poison. You can learn to live without it. (I use STEVIA)
-Exercise. Move. At least 20 minutes daily to start!
-Quit smoking and alcohol. Join me and Pres. Donald J. Trump in never touching the stuff. Your brain and your gut and your lungs and your immune system and your family will thank you.
-Lose weight. This is critical. Many health issues such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory problems can be greatly diminished or eliminated by losing weight.
-Laugh more. Laughter is an immediate boost to your immune system.
-Eliminate all bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment and anger. These negative attitudes impact our health and inhibit our immune system.
-Eliminate worry and fear. This is not as hard as it sounds, if you think of it in terms of replacement. When you are tempted to worry, simply do something else. Pray. Read a book. Go for a walk. Eat an apple. Call a friend. Write a letter. Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. Do something else.
-Increase your faith and trust in God. The most joyful people on earth have no fear because their life is in God’s Hands.
(Romans 8:28 -35)
All of this is great advice not just for COVID19 but for living a long, strong, healthy, energetic, productive life.

Praying for America and the world and praying for you and your immune system. 🙏
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
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Maryville IL 62062


Don’t miss a powerful Sunday morning at Revive USA
9:30am Faith Academy classes for all ages
10:30am Revive Kids
10:30am Worship, Prayer & the Word
“The BIG Questions”
You’ll be challenged, convicted, inspired and blessed. 🙏❤️
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
PS, please don’t forget Daylight Savings time change. 😀

Time to think 🤔

A Practical, Political and Spiritual Post.
People think…. (or, maybe they don’t?)

-There are people who think that food comes from the supermarket. 😂 They’ve never been to a farm and have never seen a garden. No, farmers, ranchers, shepherds and fisherman have to work hard to bring in the harvest.
-There are people who think that money comes from the government. 🤦‍♂️ No, people make money, hard-working citizens create and produce, and then taxes are taken from those workers. That’s where money comes from, not from the government.
When you get money from the government, it’s because it’s been taken from someone else.
-There are people who think that anointing and ministry comes from a microphone and a stage. 😳 No, anointing and ministry comes from prayer, fasting, unwavering obedience, complete saturation in the Word of God, and a lifestyle of loving service.
Ministry equals service.
Ministry means service.
If you’re not a servant, you’re not a minister.
Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅