Month: February 2020

Good Advice


-Stocking a two-week supply of water and food.
-Ensuring you have a continuous supply of regularly needed prescription drugs.
-Stocking up on nonprescription drugs and other health supplies, eg., pain relievers, cough/cold medicines and vitamins.
Locating and storing copies of personal health records from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other sources for personal reference. -Having a plan with family members and other loved ones on how they will receive care if they get sick or what will be needed to care for them in your home.
… During a pandemic, health officials urge practicing good hygiene to limit the spread of germs and prevent infection. This can be done by;
-Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
-When sick, keep your distance from others to keep germs from spreading.
-Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent infection.
-Getting plenty of sleep and rest, being physically active, managing your stress, drinking plenty of fluids and eating nutritious food, take vitamins.
-Use hand sanitizers, frequently!

  • wash your hands, OFTEN!
    -Live in complete forgiveness, allow ZERO bitterness…
    Thank God for His protection and the covering of His Covenant Blessing of Health and long life!

-Proverbs 17 “A merry heart heals like a medicine.”
(The more literally you take the Word of God, the more literal it’s blessings become in your life. Laugh and smile more, it actually increases your immune response system)
-Isaiah 53 “With His stripes we are healed.”
-Malachi 4 “To you who fear My Name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings.”
-Luke 10. “Heal the sick and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you. ‘ “
-Exodus 15 “Listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God, do what is right in His sight, listen to His commandments and keep His statutes, and I will put none of these diseases on you.”

  • Follow your church on social media in the event that public meetings are temporarily halted you will be able to stay in touch spiritually and connected with your Godly covering.
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(Also great advice for all of our spiritual lives.)

I’ve been encouraging a lot of younger pastors lately. A lot of discouragement, and burnout among pastors in their early 30s. They reach out to me because they know I am full of life and joy and energy, and always positive despite my circumstances. 💥
Quite honestly, I have difficulty believing that I’m old enough to be a mentor to younger preachers, 🤣 but I guess I have now been preaching weekly for 42 years. Both my parents and grandparents were pastors. So, I’ve got something to say.

They ask me how I can stay positive.
I tell them what I tell you.

If you’re preoccupied with pleasing people, you’re always going to be depressed, defeated and discouraged.
When you’re preoccupied with pleasing people it always leads to Compromise.
We see this everywhere, in personal lives, in churches, when you have to please everybody the truth suffers, standards fall and nothing matters anymore.

But if you’re preoccupied with the devil and darkness, you’re always going to be oppressed, sick and tormented.
When you’re preoccupied with the devil and darkness, it always leads to Burnout.
If you see the devil everywhere, you see the devil everywhere. Think about it.
You can’t do enough, you can’t be everywhere, you can’t fight every demon, you can’t put out every fire.
I’ll say it one more time, if you see the devil everywhere, you see the devil everywhere.
I choose to look elsewhere.

But if you get preoccupied with Jesus and His joy, instead of pleasing people or the devil and darkness, you get preoccupied with Jesus and His joy, you’re always going to be blessed, prosperous and victorious!

When you’re preoccupied with Jesus and His joy, it leads to Transformative Power.

People-pleasing leads to Compromise.
The devil and darkness leads to Burnout.
Jesus and His joy leads to Transformative Power.
I’m going to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. The author and finisher of my faith. Heb.12:2
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DC this weekend

I (Myles Holmes) am honored to be a guest speaker at #AIPAC2020 this weekend in Washington DC.
Bernie Sanders has decided not to attend, do you suppose it’s because he heard that I am a speaker? 😀
Vice President Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are also speaking. Appreciate your prayers as I present on a panel the Evangelical case for the support of the state of Israel.
Battle of the Republic 🇺🇸
Trump & The Great America ✅
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Word for You!

Morning Prayer at Revive USA

Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays 6:30 AM.

We had such powerful time of intercession this morning, we prayed for our church, this nation, we prayed against the coronavirus, we prayed for all who have sent prayer requests our way, for families and children in our Assembly that are ill.

And the spirit of Prophecy was heavy this morning.

The Holy Spirit strongly prayed through me that I was to pronounce over you, “Rivers of Blessing, Fountains of Joy, and Oceans of Mercy and Grace.”

Go ahead and receive that word by faith. Claim it as your own. “God is releasing to me and my family and my loved ones, Rivers of Blessing, Fountains of Joy and Oceans of Mercy and Grace.” 💥🙏💕

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My Valentine ❤️

Happy 💕Valentine’s Day 💕to my Val, Valerie Holmes my whole heart, my whole world.

I wrote this more than 10 years ago, but I added a verse this year. It’s more true now than ever. ❤️

Valerie 💕

I love everything about you.

I love being near you.

I love it when I hear you,

I love it when I touch you.

I love the way you walk,

I love the way you talk,

I love it when you sing,

I really love your loving.

I love the way you mother,

I love the way you cover,

Our kids with your affection,

Our Lord with your devotion.

I love you as a grandmom,

Of our pretty and our handsome,

The joy they bring your smiling face,

You’ll pray them through as they run the race.

I love all your desire,

To be filled with Holy Fire,

I love your passion for His Word,

And that His Voice you’ve always heard.

I love our past and all it’s glories,

Even love our sad …and funny stories,

But most of all I love tomorrow,

Growing old with you will be no sorrow. ❤️

Forever, and then some, yours. 😘 XOXO

So today I celebrate, not my love for you, that is completely understandable.

Your grace, amazing heart and beauty is so easy to love.

No, my Sweet Girl, today I celebrate your love for me, THAT is the Mystery, the Marvel, the Magic of my life. That I am loved so deeply by you. I am grateful. I am yours. Forever.

Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥




(From the Bible, book of Numbers)

“Grumblers and grousers, complainers and critics, murmurers and mumblers missed the promise.

They criticized the spiritual leader God had chosen for them. They complained about the food and the journey, they doubted God’s ability to supply for them, and they pined for the past.

Instead of praising they pouted.

Instead of worshiping they wobbled.

Afraid of the fight in front of them, they fainted.

A whole generation of God’s people lost the blessing because they couldn’t control their loose lips.

They died in the wilderness, because the power of life and death really is in the tongue.

I will not miss my promise.

I will live in humble gratitude, expectant faith,

and abounding joy.

My best is yet to be, because my God is already there – in my tomorrow!”

Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥