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Quote Game and Giveawy

FILE- The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

FILE – The GOOD News

FILE- The Ukraine NOTHING Burger 🤣

FILE- The Israeli Election

Prayer for President Donald J. Trump, for you and your family and our nation.

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Reading in the Word this morning I am so stirred once again with the prophetic promise of Scripture.

Never be satisfied, never be complacent, hunger and thirst after more and the blessing WILL come to you and your children.❤️

Isaiah 44:3


I stay thirsty.

That’s why the blessing continues to flow.

Myles Holmes Ministries❤️

Monday Morning Motivational Moment


Someone has wisely said that doing nothing is the most tiring job in the world, because you can never take a break and get some rest. 😂

We are made to be productive and creative and contributors to building a better world, a world full of Kingdom values and principles.

The key of course is not simply doing something, but doing the right things for the right reasons. That’s called righteous living.

Go ahead, get busy, plant a seed, meet a need, lift a burden, share a smile or a meal.

The rewards are out of this world. Quite literally. ❤️

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Manhood Matters video

Man Up!

with MANHOOD MATTERS , episode #12

This is a show about and for men of all ages and stages of life.

Join thousands watching around the world.

Ladies, you’re welcome to join us as we pray for husbands and boyfriends, sons and grandsons.


(It’s Friday the 13th with a full moon. Hallelujah!

(No fear or superstition here, I suffer from inverse paranoia, everybody is out to BLESS me!)

-The Continued Assault on Gender

-EXTREMES of masculinity

-Stay Connected with Your Wife

-And prayer for your family, marriage, your business and career.

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Battle of the Republic🇺🇸

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Trump & The Great America✅


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*Quote Game and Giveaway

*Commemorating 911 …we said we’d NEVER forget?!

*The Inmates Are Running the Asylum.

*Why Democrats Hate Guns.

*Impeach? (Yawn)

*Spiritual Warfare and Donald Trump.

*The Good News File.

As always, prayer for our President Donald J. Trump, our nation, and for you and your family.

Battle of the Republic🇺🇸