Month: August 2019

Manhood Matters VIDEO

MAN UP! With “Manhood Matters”

with Myles Holmes Ministries

A show for and about men at every age and stage, ladies are welcome to join us.

Episode # 9

-Life is PRECIOUS- Make every moment count!

-Satan HATES your marriage & family, this could explain a lot!

-BE the leader.

– The Father’s Blessing

-LOVE your girl

-Dump the alcohol 🍺

-Prayer 🙏 for your marriage and family.

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* Quote Game and Giveaway

* FILE– The Inmates Are Running the Asylum (Democrats have a mic 🎤 🤦‍♂️)

* The Liberals Last, Best, (Worst) Hope!

* An excellent word from a conservative millennial, Alyssa Ahlgren

*GOOD NEWS FILE- The Left’s Hatred and Horror.

As always, prayer for our president Donald J. Trump, our nation and for you and your family

Get this right!✅


“Jesus came to make us Holy, Healthy and Happy. In that order.”

In THAT order.✅

All of the blessings, the joy, the peace, the Abundant Life is contingent upon making Him Lord of your life.

“Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness (Holy) and all these things will be added to you.” -Jesus

The world consistently gets the order wrong. Sadly, many Christians do as well. When you seek to be happy, when you seek to fulfill your own feelings, you are always going to be led into sin and rebellion.

All the pain and destruction that people welcomed into their lives started because they said foolish things like, “I just want to be happy.”

When you start with “I want to be holy, and only Jesus makes me holy”, believe me, you will end up healthy and happy!

(For more on the subject, scroll down to yesterday’s message on Facebook from Revive USA)

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Man Up!

Man Up!

with MANHOOD MATTERS episode #8

Every Friday morning 6:15am Facebook Live Show.

The devil wants wimpy, whiny wusses, God is building mighty warriors , manly fighters!

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Hope for Hotheads! How to be a strong man in complete control of emotions.

A 30 min. teaching for men of all ages and stages, ladies feel free to join us, and share with your guys as well.

Now, I am often asked why I share this particular show “Manhood Matters” on my political pages Battle of the Republic and Trump & The Great America with 2.2 million followers?

The simple reason is, that these issues are cultural, moral and political. Just ask any Democrat who cannot even tell you what a man or woman or boy or girl is anymore. 🤦‍♂️

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