Manhood Matters!

Man Up!


Facebook live show every Friday morning 6:15 AM, or later whenever you can watch.

Tomorrow is episode #10.

I can’t tell you the anointing and authority I feel from the Spirit to strengthen men. 🔥

I’ll keep doing this as long as I feel this burden and calling from God.

Tomorrow, I’m going to PROVE to you that you are a spiritual leader.

We will rebuke a poisonous, dangerous, plague from hell that is destroying many homes today.

We will talk about the boy crisis in America, and we will share with you again how you can bless your sons and your daughters and your wife.

I’m here to remind you, that a castle is built for a king, it’s time to man up and lead.

Be a king who leads with humility, love and gentleness.

Join us and be encouraged and challenged.

This is a show about and for men of all ages and stages of life.

God is using the show to touch many around the world, on Facebook alone last week (not including other social media platforms) we had 9000 views.

Ladies, you’re welcome to join us as we pray for husbands and boyfriends, sons and grandsons.

You can find the 30 minute weekly show here on my personal pages, and also on

Myles Holmes Ministries,

Battle of the Republic,

Revive USA and

Trump & The Great America, with 2.2 million Praying Patriots.

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