What Hinders Revival?

This will be heavy, stay with me.

Anyone who knows my life and ministry and the trajectory of my burden and passion, it’s all about revival.

My deepest study has always been in the history of revivals, how God has moved and changed peoples, communities and nations for His Glory.

My library is lined with volume after volume of the records of mighty moves of the Holy Spirit.

I preach and teach on revival.

I minister across America and around the world at “revivals”.

We renamed the church that I have the honor and privilege of pastoring a few years ago, it is now known as Revive USA

I love everything that the Holy Spirit is doing all across the world, these are exciting days, but if we’re honest, we must admit that something is holding back the last days outpouring of the Holy Spirit promised. Something is hindering revival.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I will tell you one thing that is holding back revival.

💥60% of Christian men and 40% of Christian women say they are addicted to pornography. Even more tragically, 55% of pastors in America say they’re addicted to pornography.💥

I come to you with a broken heart today, God will not be mocked. Your ministry will be destroyed, your marriage will end in disaster, and your children will go far from God unless you find victory today. Get some help. Get some counsel. Get the deliverance needed.

All your praying will not cover up this sin. All of your preaching will not mask it. All of your success will not cover this.

This is a demonic stronghold that can be and must be broken.

There is a real and rich Anointing that only comes to the pure in heart and hand and eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the battle of the hour, you must get free, or you must use your freedom to bring deliverance to others.

Jesus did not die and rise again, ascend to the Father and fill us with the Holy Spirit to empower us to be addicted to anything but Him.

There are wonderful ministries that God is equipped to help you with this battle.

Confess it and get right with God, make a fool of the devil before he makes a fool out of you.

I love you and I’m praying for you.

I am believing for a powerful revival. A revival of repentance and righteousness and right living. 🙏

Myles Holmes Ministries 🔥

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