Motivation ✅


You can’t get “there” by doing what has brought you “here”.

The most positive, healthy, creative, energetic changes in my life, which have all resulted in blessings and joy, have come about because I’ve made a –

(wait for it, are you ready, are you sitting down, do you really want to know? 😀)

-I’ve made –


That’s right, I began to do something differently. I made a new choice. Picked up a new habit. Created a new mindset.

Stopped doing something and exCHANGEd it for a new routine.


Of course, this is easier for a Child of God, because God’s mercies are NEW every morning, and we are a NEW creation, created for NEW things.

It begins with a dream, a hunger or desire, and perhaps some direction from somebody who is a little further along on the road to success.

If you don’t know- ask, “What should I be doing differently?”

Real, loving-servant-leaders would be happy to share with you.

Go for the Gold and God’s Glory! ❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries🔥

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