Month: July 2019


At Collinsville’s famous National BBQ 🍖 Competition with my girl.

Mmmmmmm….. Good 😀

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8 min. tour at REVIVE

Come with me in for an 8 min. tour of my office, our sanctuary, and the nerve center, the power source, headquarters for communicating with Heaven, my Prophet’s Chamber, here at Revive USA

It’s the tallest point in our city, 39 feet higher than than Cahokia Mounds.

This is where I take your prayer requests, this is where I lay out our burdens before the Lord. Email me anytime at 🙏

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Look closely, this is a sheepdog, after having been wounded by his selfless protection of the sheep, – some wolf or cougar or bear bloodied the sheepdog as he was putting himself in front of the sheep. And now you see a sheep expressing tenderness and affection and gratitude to its protector. ❤️

I pray Pastor, that you have folks in your church like this who understand the warfare that you go into daily for them, and they encourage you and love you and bless you in Jesus Name. If it’s been a while since you’ve had that kind of affection and appreciation, please hear it from me …you are loved and honored and your prayers and your spiritual warfare, and your bruises and your scars that you hide from everyone, are known to God.

God bless you my friend and fellow warrior.

“God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love.” That’s what the Bible says.

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My Girl, ❤️ 36 years married 💕

Married to this wonderful woman for 36 years today! ❤️

Valerie Holmes, today I could write 36 reasons why I love you and no one else. I could write 36 reasons why I could not imagine a moment of my life without you in it. I could list 36 reasons why just the thought of you brings a smile to my face. I could write a list of 36 ways you remind me of the Lord that you so deeply love and serve. It would not be difficult at all to write of 36 ways you have made me stronger and wiser. It would be so easy to write about 36 different things I love about your face and 36 different things I love about the rest of you.

Another easy job would be to write about 36 ways your heart, character and personality makes this world such a sweeter place.

I cannot leave off of this list, at least 36 ways your mercy and forgiveness have empowered my life.

Today I could lineup 36 people and so many more who could tell you very directly how their lives have been powerful encouraged spiritually by who you are.

And I can easily quote 36 scriptures from the Word of God which express who you are.

But all of that can only begin to share what you mean to me. 36 years later I am still overwhelmed by your love which I could never deserve or earn.

You mean everything to me.

I love the fact that you are still deeply in love with Christ, and your passion for revival and the moving of the Holy Spirit has not diminished in anyway in 36 years. Thank you for our five wonderful children, and 4 amazing grandchildren with more to come and the beautiful family you have built. I love you Valerie, always will, forever and then some. 💕XO

Myles Holmes Ministries

Sunday at Revive USA

9:30am Faith Academy for all ages

10:30am Revive Kids

10:30am Worship & the Word

“Protecting the Anointing With Your Mouth”

Don’t lose the very purpose that you are being empowered by the Spirit to release upon the earth.

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50 years later…


50 years ago today.

Dreams become reality because dreamers dream and see a vision.

The impossible and the undoable becomes reality because dreamers don’t just daydream, they don’t just talk about it, they work at it until they find the “somehow”.

They ignore all the naysayers who constantly repeat, “There is no way, no how!”

Without a vision the people perish.

To really live, you must dream beyond yourself.

What is my dream?

I am dreaming (along with many others like Oral Roberts now in Heaven, RT Kendall and countless others) of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these Last Days that this world has ever seen. Signs, wonders, miracles, restoration, healings, salvation of souls by the millions, Israel being invaded by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s True church being revived to Pentecostal power and anointing… that’s my dream that I’m living for, praying towards, strategizing and working towards with all of my being.

And that’s one reason why the church I pastor is called Revive USA

Pray and believe with me, for “ …in these last days I will pour out My Spirit!”

Do it again, Lord! 🙏

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