Month: March 2019

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Email Victory 😀


I am celebrating a technological victory tonight. For the first time in about 15 years, my inbox is empty. Now, to some of you this might not be a big deal, but for all the years I was on television I averaged over 500 emails a day, and now due to news subscriptions and important updates, I’ve narrowed it down to 100 daily emails in addition to personal and ministry emails.

Of course, I have email file folders that I keep various documents in, but my inbox for the first time since I can remember, at least for a few moments is at ZERO!

Read or Skim and….

File-Print- or Delete! ✅

Somebody celebrate my freedom with me.🤣

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A Leadership Lesson for Pastors.

(and the church)

To get the full effect of this teaching you will need to read Hebrews 13:7-18

Here you will find that God’s people are to *Remember their spiritual leaders,

*Follow their leaders,

*Obey their leaders,

*Submit to their leaders and

*Pray for their leaders.

Therefore, if you think you know better, are better equipped, could do a better job, have the right to criticize and tear down your spiritual leadership, you are certainly not a Biblical Christian. Gossiping, spreading discord, and expressing your opinion on issues you have no clue about is not honoring God or your spiritual leader.

Keep in mind that wrapped up in these verses are also calls to proper doctrine, worship and grace, an eternity-mindset, generosity and good works.

What about the leader?

Here is where it actually gets HEAVY. ✅

Spiritual leaders are to live their life so that the outcome of their conduct is healthy, positive and Christlike. (Verse 7)

As a spiritual leader myself, the question must be, what is my life producing?

What is my example, pattern and model?

Is my marriage a healthy example?

Is my prayer life something that others could pattern after?

Is the way I treat staff and folks who serve me at a restaurant a model for other Christians to follow?

Am I witnessing and sharing the Gospel in a way that I would want others to as well?

Am I handling finances in a way that should be modeled?

Am I taking care of my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit in a way that others should as well?

Can I say with Paul, “Follow me as I follow Christ?”

What is my life producing?

Powerful questions for all of us.

But what about when we have trusted a leader who has failed and let us down and been a disappointment?

This is where Hebrews 13:8 right in the middle of this passage comes in. It fits perfectly right here.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!” 💥

There is a leader we can all emulate!❤️

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Watch our show tonight


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Facebook Live show on Trump & The Great America, a wonderful page with 2.2 million Patriot-followers.

A giveaway 🎁

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FILE – Good News, SO much to share!🎉

As always, prayer for our President Donald J. Trump, for America and for you and your family.

Battle of the Republic

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Buying God’s Glory?

The Glory of God IS for sale!

Yes, stay with me here, if you prefer the glory of God over the glory of man, it really is for sale.

What must you pay?

The glory of God will cost your pride, arrogance, selfishness and your need to be seen and noticed.

The glory of God will cost the denial of your need to announce look what “ I” did ‘for the glory of God’.

Look what miracles God did through “ME” and “My”ministry ‘for His glory’.

It will cost showboating and miracle-marketing!

One of the reasons John the Baptist was known as the greatest prophet of all time was his simple declaration, “Jesus must increase, I must decrease.”

Myles Holmes Ministries