Month: December 2018

A Kiss and a Prayer 🙏

Happy New Year!

Here is some ancient New Year wisdom.

I have tried to follow this advice, and succeeded most of the time, 😀for the past 35 years.

Guys, be sure to kiss your wife from 11:59PM until 12:01AM in the new year.

That way you’ll be certain to finish the year happy and start your year on a very positive note. ❤️😂

Pastor Valerie Holmes and I pray that this new year brings you amazing answers to prayer, a series of outstanding miracles, and multiple streams of income, to demonstrate to you that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants.

We pray that in many ways your joy exceeds your expectations, and God’s Peace speaks calmness to any storm.

We pray that your ministry will expand and explode with God’s glory and fruitfulness in these last days of harvest.

We pray that your family will be tight and close and united in love and appreciation.

We pray that you will walk in divine health and strength, that you will be free from pain and have energy to do all that God has called you to do.

We would ask that you pray the same for us. ❤️

We are here to agree with you in prayer and believe for every breakthrough that you need. At anytime, email

And if you’re looking for a church anywhere within 50 miles of St. Louis, a place of intense worship, fervent prayer and straight Bible teaching and encouragement, visit us this Sunday at Revive USA in Collinsville, IL

May the blessings of God overtake you in 2019, Happy New Year! 🎆🎊🎈

Myles Holmes Ministries

Hours left…

This is it!

The last hours in 2018, and your last opportunity to give in support of the ministries at Revive USA before midnight.

– World Missions

– Local Outreach and Compassion Connection

– Revive Kids

– Revive Student Ministries

– Celebrate Recovery

– Worship Team

– Nursing Home Ministry

– Powerful preaching & teaching

– Counseling & Discipleship

– Prayer that moves God and transforms lives

– Salvation of lost souls

– Prophetic analysis of current culture

– “Battle of the Republic”

– Leadership Development

… and so much more, all made possible by the generous support and bighearted giving of those who believe in this vision.

As you give today, be assured of our prayers for God‘s best and His Hand of blessing upon you and your family in this new year.

Give safely and securely online at

Any gift of $5 or $10 is greatly appreciated, $50 or $500 or $1000, every ministry gift will go towards touching this world for Christ and His Kingdom.

Myles Holmes Ministries



Monday Morning Motivational Moment


By attending church??

When considering any major course corrections for the new year, and improving your life and future, it is hard to imagine a more positive choice than starting or increasing your church attendance, support & involvement.

Verifiable research consistently shows that regular church attendance increases marital satisfaction and intimacy, boosts family cohesion, kids do better in school, it enables better physical health, emotional and mental well-being, boosts the immune system, decreases blood pressure, and this may add as much as 2 to 3 years to your life. The value of the social and community support found in a close, loving church family is also immeasurable. On top of all of that and much more, is the wonderful spiritual support that is found in Christian fellowship, teaching and prayer.

(In these studies, “regular” church attendance is 3 – 4 X a month. Attendance beyond that level, midweek Bible studies, etc., increases the above benefits. It is very interesting that sporadic church attendance -once or twice a month- provides none of these benefits. I will see YOU in church, MORE often in 2019. 😀❤️

Get to church somewhere this weekend, make sure they teach and preach the Bible, make it a Holy habit and get involved, you need them, and they need you.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Still Time

Just hours left! Act now!

No, this is not a last-minute sales push, this is not the bargain of the century, the deal of the decade which you must purchase immediately.

This is simply a reminder that we will soon close the book on 2018. You only have hours left to do what you know you should do. Make a phone call. Write that e-mail. Restore that relationship. Pay up what you owe to GOD, whether it is in tithes or in reconciliation.

There really is no reason to carry hurts and hang-ups into the New Year. You may need to forgive others, or you may need to forgive yourself. You may need to stop doing something or pick up a wonderful new habit. You may call it Goal-setting, Attitude Adjustment, Resolutions or Personal Transformation, or something else, but for GOD’s sake, just do it.

There is nothing magic at all that happens at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve, unless you put the magic in it, which is the awesome, overwhelming, world-changing, life-altering ‘Power of Personal Choice’.

GOD has given us the responsibility to choose. No one can choose your attitude, your mood your actions or your re-actions. GOD will not even force us.

However, if we choose to do the right thing, the good thing, the necessary thing, even if it’s humbling and causes personal sacrifice, we can set in motion a chain of events that will turn the next year into twelve months of miracles!

Today’s technology means that right now you have the time to do what you must do. Email, Facebook, tweet, text, call somebody right now if you need to say “Hey I really love you, I must make this right”, etc. etc. Go ahead. I triple- double- dog dare you to create not only a Happy New Year, but a Happy New YOU! ❤

Myles Holmes Ministries

Thank you 🙏

Just hours left in 2018, until midnight December 31 for online giving to Revive USA

Your generous support of our ministries here helps us to reach the lost, be salt and light to our region, and spread the Gospel around the world.

We provide light in this dark age, truth to the confused culture, and love to the hurting and abused.

Be assured of our prayers for God‘s blessings on you and your family in the new year. You can email

You can donate safely and securely online at

Myles Holmes Ministries

A Power Word for 2019

A word from Valerie Holmes

Dear Revive Family,

Here we are together again entering a brand new year, 2019. God has been so faithful and I have grown deep in His Word and in Faith this year as I trust you have.

I am praying for the family here at Revive USA. I have asked the Lord for a Word to stand on for you in this New Year. He led me to Proverbs 4:23-27:

” Above all else, guard your heart, for it effects everything you do. Avoid all perverse talk; stay far from corrupt speech. Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; then stick to the path and stay safe. Don’t get sidetracked ; keep your feet from following evil.”

This year God is focusing on YOU! Not you in a crowded room, not you in the masses, but you face to face with Him in His presence. This year God is going to expose your heart to YOU. He calls us to pay attention to our heart and to guard it above all else, for it effects everything we do.

This year by revelation, God will allow you to realize more than ever before, that He knows your heart. You will have an awareness of the eyes of God upon your heart. It will cause you to respond and deal with issues in your heart that are not pleasing to God and do not line up with his Word, and He will also show you the areas that you are a delight to Him, His special treasure .

You will better understand intimacy with the Savior that you have not yet grasped, how deep His love is and how constantly aware of you He is. Your faith and trust will blossom with roots that go down deep and you will guard your heart with the spirit of a fighter (wrestling with principalities & powers ). You will understand that your heart truly does effect everything you do, have and are, and how it widens or narrows the flow of blessing.

The call to clean up your mouth is clear! The door of your heart is exposed, left wide open to the destructive work of the enemy by perverse, corrupt talk. Perverse means twisted, contorted. A child of God walks a straight path and uses words like arrows. Perverse words are any words that veer off from God’s Word, speech that doesn’t line up with, and is twisted and contorted from God’s Truth. Corrupt means corroding, rotting. You will guard your heart this year because of fresh revelation that corrosive words bring death, and you will have the power in your mouth to create LIFE!

Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you. God is asking you to focus, to not look to the left or right, but straight ahead. He’s more focused on you than you’ve ever realized. Fasten your eyes on the Savior, mark out a straight path by a renewed commitment to the Word and prayer and by walking in love toward another, especially to our brothers and sisters in the faith.

God has shown us how to stay safe. We have nothing to fear. As you stay focused on Him, this year 2019 will be the greatest year of revelation, understanding, provision and miracles that you have ever seen. Know today that His eyes are fixed on YOU!

It is a pleasure and a privilege to love and serve you in the Father’s perfect will again this year.

Pastor Valerie Holmes

Co Lead Pastor, REVIVE

Myles Holmes Ministries