Month: November 2018

Spreading Christmas 🎄 Joy

Revive USA’s Compassion CHRISTmas 🎄 giveaway is Sunday morning, December 23 at 10:45.

Donations now being accepted, NO clothing other than winter coats for all ages. We need a mountain of gifts again this year, for all ages, toys, new unwrapped gifts from infants to seniors, thank you for making this CHRISTmas miracle happen every year. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

All donations are tax deductible, if you would rather make a cash donation our ‘elves’ can do the shopping for you.

Or you can give online at Be sure to note “GIFTS” if you donate online.


1105 Beltline Rd., Collinsville, IL

Call for info. 618-344-1000

May God bless you for your generosity and caring, and for not only bringing great joy to families at CHRISTmas 🎄, but also giving us an opportunity share the good news of the Gospel of Christ. Spanish translation of the service will be provided.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Tune in tonite

“Battle of the Republic”

7pm CTZ Facebook Live show on ‘Trump & The Great America’, a page with more than 2.2 followers.


*This Pastor’s Burden

*The Invasion at our southern border

*Mueller’s ongoing harassment of our President Donald J. Trump

*Why am I so “divisive”? Isn’t that NONchristian?

*Prayer for our Republic, and as always another generous giveaway.

Live, interactive, engaging, we want to hear from you – join us.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Prayer 🙏

Revive USA is a House of Prayer

What a rich time in the Presence of God we enjoyed this evening. ❤️🔥

Remember, Jesus did not say this was …

a house of prophecy,

a house of praise,

a house of pizza,

a house of plans or programs…

He said, “My house will be called a House of Prayer.”

Consider that the two times in Jesus earthly ministry we see Him the most emotionally involved, we see him the most angry and the most sad and upset, both of these occasions involved PRAYER 🙏

When He was so passionate that He kicked over tables in the Temple & made a whip and drove the merchandisers out, it was over prayer.

Then, when He was sweating great drops of blood in His Holy passion, praying to the Father, and wondering why the disciples could not stay awake and pray with Him for one hour, this was all about prayer.

Again, the two times in Jesus life where we see him the most emotionally passionate, without question, both times involved prayer. This might give us a clue as to what is important to Christ.

Let’s make it paramount in our lives and in our churches.

Myles Holmes Ministries


The Joy of Giving❤️


Historically, Americans are the most generous people on earth. Thank you for all you do to better the planet, to lift burdens, to feed the hungry and comfort the hurting.

We would love your support of the ministries of Revive USA as we share the Gospel of Christ, the truth of the Word without fear or favor of man. You can designate your giving toward local outreach, world missions or our Compassion ministries.

In the USA, your giving is tax deductible.

Simply give online safely and securely at

Be assured you will be in our prayers for God‘s blessings and His best on your family and your future.

For specific prayer needs, email

Myles Holmes Ministries