Month: October 2018



Let me state off the top that we are not intimidated or afraid of lucifer. His dark dungeons of demonic despair and devilish devices do not distract, discourage or deter us in any way.

In fact, if the truth were known, satan actually is NOT running around with horns, a pitchfork and wearing red tights. He most often comes disguised and masked as an angel of light, very enticing, charming and attractive unless you have spiritual discernment.

Satan is not omnipresent, omniscient or omnipotent. He and his demons are not everywhere, all knowing or all powerful.

Those are attributes of Almighty God and He shares them with no one.


And by the way, satan does not own this evening, or this day or any day.

Every day is holy to the Lord, so this is His day. (Romans 14:5)

The sun, the moon and the stars, and bats and black cats belong to God and God alone. 😂

While we enjoy our liberty and victory in Christ, we also pray for God’s protection and peace in our communities, on our streets and over our children.

So we head into another day of candy, costumes and festivities and I am not concerned about what many Christians are afraid of. The devil is a defeated, destroyed enemy. He is under my feet, and the GOD of Peace will soon crush him. Rom.16:20

However, it must be noted that tonight is a particularly active time for many of lucifer’s followers to act out their fantasies of power, perversion and practices of occultist worship.

So, this is a time for believers in Jesus to fast, pray AND be involved in evangelism.

REDEEM the time, because the days are evil.

May JESUS CHRIST be glorified tonight and every night! Shine the LIGHT💡, BE the reflection of Christ in the midst of darkness, and make sure the kids know that on your street, the Christian house gives out the BEST treats! ❤️

Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God and God alone!

Myles Holmes Ministries


Reformation Day


Today is the 501st anniversary of the nailing of the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door. This was not the beginning or the ending of the Reformation, but it was a pivotal moment. Let me paraphrase and break the 95 down into 5 simple statements, and you will understand that they still apply today.

1) You cannot buy your way into Heaven.

2) You must repent and believe, not purchase your salvation.

3) You cannot offer money to purchase God’s blessing, forgiveness, pardon, favor or help in this life or the next life, for you or your loved ones.

4) Power, position, pomp, prestige, or popularity in religious circles is not necessarily a sign of God’s presence or favor.

5) Any religious system that promotes these heresies must repent and return to the preaching of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Myles Holmes Ministries



Monday Morning Motivational Moment

All motivation is rooted and founded in desire.

If you truly want something desperately enough, nothing will stop you.

The Key 🔑 of course, is making sure that our desires are Godly and healthy.

Feed the right desires and your motivation will grow.

Starve the monsters of blame, selfishness and jealousy.

Think about growth, health, harvest and blessings… how would victory and winning and overcoming actually feel?

Now, go ACT on those feelings (think, speak, do what victors do) and watch your motivation explode. 💕🔥👏

Myles Holmes Ministries


Darkness in America

Darkness, death and violence knows no Political boundaries. What this sad week shows us, is that mental illness, violence, and the release of demonic spirits of murder and mayhem come from every corner and every ideology.

(Hear me clearly. Not all mental illness is demonic. However, not all evil in our world can be blamed on faulty neurons and dendrons.)

1. An alleged Trump supporter mails bombs to kill and maim liberals.

2. A few days later someone who hates Trump and hates Jews murders precious Jewish worshippers in a synagogue, at a baby naming ceremony.

Violence and hate and murder do not know a political party, they simply come from the pit of hell, spawned by demons and fallen angels.

Jesus put it plainly, … “The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy.”

The church must pray and fast, the church must love one another, and be a force of good and light and truth and love and mercy in this dark world.

This is our only hope, remembering what Christ said … “I have come to bring life and that more abundantly.”

Praying and working and preaching and prophesying toward revival in America.

Myles Holmes Ministries



Sunday at Revive USA

9:15am Coffee ☕️ Bar

9:30am Faith Academy classes for all ages

10:45am Revive Kids

10:45am Worship & the Word

“Every Believer a Witness” part 3

Plus a time of intercession, rebuking the spirit of violence in our land.

Then, at 5pm Revive Kids presents “Harvest Fest”, fun, food and games for the whole family!

Myles Holmes Ministries