Month: August 2018

Political involvement

Take leadership in supporting those who stand for religious freedom in America!

This November midterm election is pivotal if you have any investment in spiritual values.

I heartily agree with Lance Wallnau who asked earlier this week… “What kind of stupid do you need to be to claim yourself to be a Christian or an evangelical and oppose President Donald J. Trump ?”

Everything we have gained under the President’s leadership will be lost and much more, the left will make the church and Christians pay dearly. If you don’t believe me you have not been paying attention.

Churches, Pastors, speak up, support our President and vocally, visibly and strongly stand for our liberties and freedoms.

History will record what you did or did not do!

If you need some more help on this topic, go to Amazon to order my book, “Why American Patriots Must Elect Donald Trump- Make History/ Save History”

Myles Holmes Ministries


Billy Graham- The Cove

The piano that George Beverly Shea helped pick up for Ruth Graham, and of course I sat down and played a couple of verses of “Just As I Am”.

And the pulpit that Billy Graham carried with him all over the world.

Oh Lord, grant us an anointing for souls!

Myles Holmes Ministries

The Cove, Asheville, North Carolina

New Sign soon…


Hey friends and ministry partners, Revive USA is excited to announce that we have begun the process of purchasing a new digital sign. This will greatly increase our community impact and our invitational reach to the thousands of cars that drive by every day.

We have much of the needed proceeds raised already, but we are still in need of approximately $11,000. If you appreciate our ministry, and want to support a church that loves the lost and preaches the truth boldly with zero compromise but full of compassion, your help is much appreciated!

Give online safely and securely at

You will reap a harvest of blessing from every soul this powerful tool helps us to reach!

Love and appreciate you all, and as always, let us know how we can pray for you and your family. Email

Myles Holmes Ministries


Israel, Trump & the USA

While the media, Deep State and radical, socialist left continues their attempts to derail our President, Donald J. Trump continues to show courageous leadership.

*$200 million defunded from the Palestinian authority.

*Word out today that the US is removing Palestinian ‘right of return’ from any peace process negotiations.

This is leadership, and this is why millions of Americans continue to strongly support the administration, and it just may be one of the reasons why our economy is booming, and employment in America is skyrocketing.

God blesses those who bless Israel.

Yes, you CAN, “take that to the bank!”

Myles Holmes Ministries