Month: July 2018


Travel “plans” …😀

Up at 3:40am

Early flight to Toronto, connection to Nashville, 5 hr drive to home, My Girl ❤️ and the wonderful church Revive USA 🔥 we pastor.

Praying this actually works…. today! 😂😂

Myles Holmes Ministries


Monday Morning Motivational Moment


Stay clear of toxic people and their talk-poison! Here are just a few indicators.

*Always dredge up your past.

*Continually make you feel guilty and ashamed.

*Nothing you can say or do is ever good enough.

*They will always discuss your smallest flaw or imperfection.

*Critics, controllers, never concerned with your needs.

*Leave you feeling beaten, wounded, battered and bruised.

*Self-centered and expect the world to center on them as well.

*Constant, critical, negative gossip about other people.

RUN! If you can.

If you are dating this individual, there is NO happy future here.

If you are applying for a job with this kind of supervisor, look elsewhere.

However, if running is not an option, you are married to a toxic, or have children that are toxic, your love and commitment requires more grace than you can muster on your own.

You must ask for God’s help. Then….

1) Forgive … sincerely. Holding on to bitterness only scars you.

2) Ask God to heal your heart from all brokenness and wounding.

3) Determine with God’s help to never join in the toxicity or return your own poison.

4) Live an example of a Life-Giving, Healthy, Joyful Blesser.

5) Give away what you need, sow toward a different harvest.

6) Expect miraculous change in people, NOthing and NOone is impossible for God.

7) Spend as much time as you can with positive, encouraging, prophetic people, you can start with a healthy, loving church, such as Revive USA

Believing with you for better days, I am always ready to pray for you! Email

With much love and care for you! ❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries



Sunday at Revive USA

9:15am Coffee Bar

9:30am Faith Academy classes for all ages.

10:45am Revive Kids

10:45am Worship with REVIVE’s Worship Team and the message from REVIVE’s Co-Lead Pastor Valerie Holmes

“Spoiler Alert; He’s Not Sleeping!”

You will be blessed & greatly encouraged, join us!

Myles Holmes Ministries


Mic Anointing

The “Microphone Anointing”

We have all seen it, sadly.

On stage, mic in hand, the minister is confident, energetic, jovial, full of faith, encouraging, Word-centered, happy and fun.

Take the mic out of their hand and they are weak, tired, critical, angry, complaining and full of self-pity.

All of this at the very least is a lack of integrity and at the worst is utter hypocrisy.

Please do not suggest that the Anointing changes you when you pick up a mic, that is a gross distortion of the moving of the Holy Spirit.

We can repent and ask God to make us real, authentic, genuine, full of both the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in front of an audience or talking with one soul at a coffee shop.

This my friends, is the heart of personal and corporate revival!

(Anointing Integrity = The same personality wherever we are)

Revive USA

Myles Holmes Ministries


This is what LaGuardia looks like right now.

Major delays and cancellations, I have been held over here for an additional 6 hrs.

People stacked up all over.

I have traveled much over the years, flying everywhere, but I must say the last year or so it seems airports and flight schedules are getting much sloppier.

Almost every flight I take on ANY airline has some major hiccup.

Not complaining, and the truth is, I am just grateful to arrive safely. ❤️

But it occurs to me that our flight infrastructure may need some drastic overhaul.

It also occurs to me that the individuals with power, influence and wealth to tackle this gargantuan challenge are not aware, as they travel by private jet or corporate jet or charter/fractional jet ownership. (Having been blessed with those kind of flights several times, I can’t really blame them 😂)

Safe travels my friends, be sweet, and always stay humble and kind! 💕

Myles Holmes Ministries