Month: May 2018

Day of Prayer 🙏

Tomorrow is June 1 , and also the first Friday of the month, so join us anytime from 6 AM to 6 PM for First Friday Fire.🔥🔥🔥

Revive USA is open for intercession, come for a few moments or hours, or off and on during the day.

Let’s believe God for supernatural breakthroughs in our families, this city our nation and this world. 🙏

Send your confidential prayer requests by email to

Myles Holmes Ministries



Life seem a bit too heavy?

Burdens & troubles too much to bear?

Your shoulders were not designed to carry this much weight on their own.

The Bible tells us we are to help one another bear our burdens. (Galatians 6:2)

That’s what Celebrate Recovery is all about.

Join us tonight and every Thursday at 7 PM, bring every hurt, habit, hang up and heartbreak.

Compassionate friends will not only help lift the weight, but encourage you to cast your cares upon the Lord. (1Peter 5:7)

Mike Pallagi and

Myles Holmes Ministries



Wednesday nite at Revive USA

5:30pm Compassion Connection

6:15pm Coffee ☕️ Bar

7pm Revive Kids

7pm Worship with Melody Dayka McKenzie

“Revelation Refresher- End-Times Review”

John us at 7pm at REVIVE as we study the signs all around us that this world is about to change.

Eternity is at stake.

We are children of the light, there’s no need to live in darkness about what is happening on the planet. An exciting and motivating journey into prophetic understanding.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Sonday 🙏❤️

Sunday at Revive USA

9:15am Coffee ☕️ Bar

9:30am Faith Academy for all ages

10:45am Revive Kids

10:45am Worship with Meagan Martin

and the REVIVE Worship Band

Memorial Sunday Remembrances

Baby Dedication

“When the Spirit Comes”


1105 Beltline, Collinsville, Illinois

(Just 12 M East of St. Louis)

Myles Holmes Ministries



Memorial Day Weekend

We pause to remember the ultimate sacrifice that our military has paid for our freedom and liberty.

Evil in every generation has been met with overwhelming courage and bravery from the hearts and actions and lives of our very best.

My thoughts are also with the families of the Canadian soldiers killed in the Afghanistan war fighting beside my son Zack Holmes with the PPCLI, Edmonton.

These heroes will never be forgotten. ❤️

(Zack is now serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a SAR-Tech, out of Comox, BC)

Myles Holmes Ministries