Month: February 2018

Hear our prayer

Oh God, stir this nation!🇺🇸🔥

First Lady Melania Trump

President Donald J. Trump

Franklin Graham

In prayer today in Washington DC, as America’s Pastor and the world’s Evangelist

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

is honored at US Capitol

Myles Holmes Ministries


Tonite at REVIVE

Join us this evening

7pm at Revive USA

Worship with Melody Dayka McKenzie

Continuing our study in First & Second Peter.

Coffee Bar – 6:30pm

Kids Ministry with Pastor Richard Griffith

Myles Holmes Ministries


Clearing this up…

Important Distinctions!

*Just because someone supports the teaching of the Seven Mountains does not mean they are into Dominion Theology (the idea that Christians MUST take over the world BEFORE Christ can return)

*Just because a Christian strongly supports our President Donald J. Trump does not mean they are promoting or desiring an American Theocracy (the idea that every American must obey Christian laws)

*Just because a Christian leader is very vocal and outspoken re. the sphere of politics does NOT mean they have forsaken their preeminent calling of declaring the Gospel of Christ and warning of a hell to shun and a Heaven to gain!

I know all of this because I am committed to all of the above, along with millions of other Patriot Americans.

The religious distortions of confused Christians are a small fringe and do not represent we who are fighting for faith, freedom, family and the flag.

(Share widely to help balance these misrepresentations.)

Blessings to all, and God bless America🇺🇸❤️🔥🙏

Myles Holmes Ministries



Monday Morning Motivational Moment

From yesterday’s message…

“I would rather be known as God’s paramedic than God’s policeman.” Billy Graham

It is our natural human tendency to be condemning and judging. Criticism, finding fault and pointing of the finger is so easy to do.

It takes submission to the Holy Spirit, and a daily infusion of the Word of God, to develop a heart that tends toward healing and helping.

Passion without compassion does not bring God any glory.

Myles Holmes Ministries


Carry on, preachers!

Sunday REVIVE 10:45am

Celebration of Billy Graham’s life, legacy and ministry at REVIVE.

Join us as we remember this man of God, and commit to pick up the torch of faith and evangelism, spreading the message of the Cross near and far.

There’s no less Anointing on the earth today, but we must be sensitive to the prophetic moment we are in.

“Follow me, as I follow Christ”, the apostle Paul said.

We can also follow the powerful example of America’s Pastor and the world’s Evangelist, Billy Graham.

Pastor Holmes will be prophesying and praying a fresh release of soul-winning evangelism on all who attend the service.

Join us. 🔥❤️


1105 Belt Line Rd. Collinsville IL.

(Just 12 miles east of St. Louis)

Myles Holmes Ministries