Month: December 2017

Super Life Hack!


By attending church??

When considering any major course corrections for the new year, and improving your life and future, it is hard to imagine a more positive choice than starting or increasing your church attendance, support & involvement.

Verifiable research has consistently shown that regular church attendance increases marital satisfaction, and marital intimacy, boosts family cohesion, kids do better in school, it enables better physical health, emotional and mental well-being, boosts the immune system, decreases blood pressure, and this may add as much as 2 to 3 years to your life. The value of the social and community support found in a close, loving church family is also immeasurable. On top of all of that and much more, is the wonderful spiritual support that is found in Christian fellowship, teaching and prayer.

(In these studies, regular church attendance was seen as 3 – 4 X a month. Attendance beyond that level, midweek Bible studies, etc., increases the above benefits. It is very interesting that sporadic church attendance -once or twice a month- provides none of these benefits. Can anyone say ‘lukewarm’)

Get to church somewhere this weekend, make sure they teach and preach the Bible, make it a Holy habit and get involved, you need them and they need you.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Just days left…

Just days left now to complete your end giving in 2017.

Maximize your tax deduction while supporting a ministry of uncompromising truth, Biblical conviction and bold proclamation of the good news of Christ. All of this, wrapped up in a love for the lost and care for God’s people.

We are the perfect church for those who are not. 😀❤️

Give online safely and securely at .

Any gift large or small, from $5 to $500 or $5000 will be used 100% to bring God’s light and grace to a dark and hurting world.

You can be assured that Pastors Myles & Valerie Holmes, our ministry teams and intercessors will be keeping you in prayer in this new year for God’s best and Heaven’s blessings on you and your family.

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OK, we are approaching year-end.

Today may be a good time to pause, reflect and determine if there’s any baggage from 2017 that we should NOT carry into next week, let alone the new year?

There are several ways to leave this behind but none more vital than forgiveness.

Forgive someone who hurt you…

Forgive yourself for missing it…

Forgiveness releases your potential to start over again.

Now if you find it close to impossible to forgive, that’s alright.

That’s what CHRISTmas is about, that’s why CHRIST came, to do for us and in us what we cannot.

Let’s leave some baggage behind, don’t claim it, cling to it or carry it.

GOD’s got this!

Believing with you for Grace, Glory & Greater Things in 2018! ❤️🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries


Your part?

Don’t let CHRISTmas slip by without determining what part you will play in this Eternity-altering story.

Are you a Herod, an Innkeeper or a Wise Man?

Herod… Angry, jealous, threatened, atheist who would prefer to kill God. “No one will be King but me.”

Innkeeper…Careless, indifferent, no time or room for Jesus. “Just put them in a back room, a stable, bring the baby out once a year.”

Wise Men… Worshipers who understand Who He is and rejoice with exceeding great joy.

Myles Holmes Ministries



Merry CHRISTmas 🎁🎄 world!

Jesus (Yeshua) our Messiah has come!

He is Emmanuel (GOD-with-us, here & now) ❤️

Let me remind you of what I told the hundreds yesterday at the end of our toy and gift distribution.

We had worshipped, prayed, preached, gave an invitation to receive Christ that many young and old responded to, then distributed thousands of brand-new gifts and toys.

But I had one more message, so I asked everyone… ushers, elves, security, guests and church family to sit down for 30 more seconds as I asked them to look me in the eye as I told them why we do this and what CHRISTmas means.

“This is what you must know, this is what today and CHRISTmas is all about.

God has not forgotten you, He loves you and so do we.” ❤️

Merry CHRISTmas today, especially to our REVIVE family, this wonderful church, our Pastoral staff, our leaders, volunteers, workers and prayer warriors. You are family and we love you.

Pastors Myles & Valerie Holmes

Myles Holmes Ministries