Life Hack for 2018

(Why I still use a paper calendar/planner)

I am not a technophobe or a Luddite. I appreciate all our modern advances and use them all. I am voice texting this on my iPhone.

However, I am very aware of the danger of becoming dependent upon a device instead of the human mind and memories.

I wear a watch to tell the time, I read books the old fashioned way, I do not listen to music on my phone, and I keep my calendar on paper.

I refuse to re-organize the dendrites and neurons in my brain in the shape of a handheld device. As I grow older, I may be that one guy in the room who actually remembers something instead of looking at my phone to Google it LOL 😂

Listen, my brain needs all the discipline and focus and training I can give it, so I am not surrendering to devices.

Seriously, scientific research has shown that our devices are now changing both our processing of memory/thinking AND our personality. Since 2012, the rate of depression linked directly to social media and device-dependency has skyrocketed.

Take back the power. Take back your personal authority. Refuse to depend upon your device, do not check it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

In fact, don’t keep it bedside either.

That’s my advice. If you ignore my counsel and keep your head down in your phone – you will not remember this anyway. 😀

For those who want to stay free, take a peek inside my paper planner.

I added dividers in it for Plans, Prayer, People, Priorities, Provision, Purpose, Power Team, Projects, Preaching, Property Management, Places, and Passwords. (So yes, it is priceless and I protect it perpetually)

Go for the Glory my friends, let’s choose to make 2018 spectacular!

Myles Holmes Ministries


One comment

  1. AMEN brother☺ I especially like to hold, caress and hone in on a book.


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    Live, Love, Laugh, and Be at Peace

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