Month: October 2017



I have been an avid reader and student of church history all of my life, in particular the history of revivals. I can state without fear of contradiction that there has never been a revival of God’s Spirit on this earth at any time that was based on “Greasy Grace” or “Sloppy Agape”.

Every revival has been based upon a rebuke of sin and the call for repentance, a prophetic call back to God and righteousness based on the finished work of Calvary.

Repentance is always at the core.

That should not surprise us as this was actually the message of Christ and the apostles!

Now, I am not speaking of self-righteousness, legalism or Phariseeism, but I am speaking of broken hearts crying out to God for His mercy.

That’s the kind of revival we are so desperate for in America today!

Myles Holmes Ministries



Praying for Las Vegas, this evening, and praying for America. I wonder, after this horrendous attack on American soil, will professional athletes stand in honor of our flag and our nation now? I wonder.

It’s time to love one another, to put the hurt and division aside, to forgive when needed, to ignore suspicion and choose understanding.

It’s time for America to once again embrace our calling to be a shining City set on a hill.

Not one of us can do this on our own, it takes all of us together, but everyone of us must begin on our own where we are.


Myles Holmes Ministries