Month: August 2017

Hurricane Relief!!

This devastation is record-breaking, we now know that this is the largest hurricane and flooding to ever hit the US.

Restoration in Texas and Louisiana and other areas, will not be weeks or months but years. Many homes and businesses and churches destroyed, and many people will be homeless for quite some time. We must help through our Assemblies of God emergency relief team Convoy of Hope. They are already on the ground helping, assisting, bringing hope and healing.

We are committed to helping with relief from this hurricane with all funds received this Sunday over this week’s budget needs. Anything in excess will go to help with the recovery and assistance. Please be as generous as you possibly can.

Any gift large or small will be multiplied by thousands of other churches across America, and will be wrapped in God’s Love and the Seed of His Word as it is delivered to the needy.

You can also give online at

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

top 5 ways to mishandle preaching

Top 5 Ways to Mishandle Listening to the Preaching of God’s Word.


Text somebody, scroll through social media, yawn a LOT, check the weather frequently & sports scores on your phone, but keep a Bible app open that you can switch to quickly in case somebody’s looking over your shoulder.

2) WHISPER to pew-mate continuously, in order to make sure that they are distracted as well. This is very important; since you are getting nothing out of the teaching, it is important that you do not allow anyone else to either.

3) DRINK a lot of water before you get to church, don’t use the restroom during worship, make sure you wait until the preacher is really on fire!

4) INSIST that the preacher do all the application, never, ever consider on your own what God might be saying to you unless the preacher calls you by name while pointing his finger at you, & then only if he uses your full name including your middle name.

5) LIST (mentally or actually) all those who should’ve been here listening to this message…neighbors, family, friends coworkers, who should’ve been listening, as long as it’s anyone but you.


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the humor in this, but if the shoe fits my friend …. you may be Cinderella. ❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


No one is born a creative genius.

You must build on the tools you’ve been given.

Research has shown that only 30 percent of creativity is genetically predetermined. The remaining 70 percent is up to you.

Be curious.

Ask questions.

Be inquisitive.

The Creator of the universe created you in His image, let’s see what you can do.

Change your world. 👍✅💪✨🔥

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Simple Gospel!

My Angel and Co-Lead Pastor of REVIVE took a microphone this morning and in 60 seconds she explained the Gospel in pure and beautiful simplicity. She said…

“I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the power of God unto salvation. We are all about the Gospel here, we are all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And it’s really, really simple!

There is a God.

He is a Father.

He had a Son.

He sent Him to die for you.

To completely wash away every sin in your life, to transform your heart, and to make you more and more into His image every single day.

He died on the cross, forgave you of every sin, He rose again from death, and that’s the Gospel and that’s what we believe!”

Valerie Holmes


Don’t you love it straight & clear & uncomplicated?! ❤️🔥✅

Can I get an AMEN?

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Hate & the Media

Yes we have haters and violent extremists who LIVE to stir up unrest, division and tragedy in America.

They exist in every color and creed, and these extremists and lovers of violence can be found on the fringes of any ideology.

Gratefully, they are a very small, almost negligible, minority in America.

Sadly, we never learn that they gain their power from exposure.

Handfuls of extremists gain influence by being noticed and engaged.

(I’m not suggesting that violent people who do acts of violence be ignored by our police forces- they must be arrested and charged.)

The wisest thing for America to do would be to ignore these troublemakers, and for the media to shut the cameras off and not report on their lunacy.

I can assure you that if they were ignored, they would disappear.

Sadly, this is not going to happen (RATINGS!!!!) and as easy as it is to blame the media, we also must blame ourselves for swallowing everything the mainstream media feeds us.

We create our own monsters and then complain about the monsters we have instituted.

Here in America, people have the right to say stupid things, to say hateful things, to be hateful and to be everything that normal, compassionate, loving Americans despise.

Freedom of speech is a wonderful gift, but also allows idiots to be idiots, it allows vile people with detestable views to speak.

We should ignore them and not make them media stars!

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


Did we confront hate and violence and racism from the pulpit yesterday morning?

I did not and here's why.
Anyone who knows me and my ministry and my life, and the church I pastor, are very aware that I reject racism in every form and every shadow of it. Every fiber of my being is revolted by the idea of a black church or a white church or any church based on anything but the Blood of Jesus Christ. In more than three decades of pastoral ministry, in two nations, I have always had ethnically diverse staff, and the church I currently pastor, REVIVE, is not as colorful as it will be, but praise God, it is not near as white as it used to be! LOL

ALL violence based upon creed or color is as clueless as it is evil. The fact that so many think they need to comment on this just shows how low-class our culture has become.

There, I too have now commented on this.
Praying sincerely for all those affected by this demonic violence on every side. The loss of life in this satanically inspired tragedy is heart-breaking.
Praying for America 🇺🇸❤️
Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Truth – Scott Hagan

"Your MOOD determines your level of leadership. Those whose emotions are controlled by the world around them can never, ever lead, themselves or anyone else…
Jealousy or criticism of other successful ministry is demonic in nature. That's all it can be. There is plenty of wind in the harbor to sail every ship!"
Scott Hagan #GC17
Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

In Anaheim, CA

Believing God, by His Holy Spirit, to revive His Church, as we gather with thousands of pastors and Christian leaders for our General Council of the Assemblies of God, from across the USA and around the world.
We are only minutes away from Azusa Street in Los Angeles, where fires ignited swept the planet.
Do it again, Lord!
Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE