7 hours of prayer for you

A ‘Sevenly’ Significant Day of Prayer
(yes I made up that word, a combination of seven and heavenly, but it works 😀)

We are now in the 7th month of the year 2017.

Let me be very clear. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not much into numerology, and many folks put far too much emphasis on things that God and His Word do not put ANY emphasis on at all. However, there are times when the ‘coincidences’ are so obvious that we ought to pay attention. And anything that builds our faith and gets us praying is not a bad thing. 

Here are the facts.

We are in the Jewish year 5777. 
The perfect prime number 17, is the year we are in, 2017. 

17 is the 7th prime number and many people believe that 7 speaks of God’s number of perfection, completion and rest. 

Tomorrow will be 7-7- 17. 

I will be spending 7 hours of prayer alone with God from 12 noon to 7 PM on Friday. I will be specifically praying for God’s blessing and favor regarding perfection and completion of His will in your life. I will also be praying that the enemy will return to you 7 X whatever has been stolen from you in joy, peace, health, prosperity or blessing. The thief must return 7 X what has been stolen. (Proverbs 6:31) 

I want to include you in these 7 hours of prayer on 7-7-17 in the Hebrew year 5777!

Please email any specific and confidential prayer requests to prayer@reviveUSA.net

(Please do not private message them here, send them to that email above.)

This will also be a significant day of prayer and fasting toward God’s supernatural breakthrough in our Miracle and Healing Service here at REVIVE on Sunday morning, July 9.

But my predominant and preeminent prayer emphasis on 7-7-17 will be for a coast-to-coast, supernatural, church- awakening culture-shaking, authentic Holy Spirit-empowered revival here in America. God has done it before, and He can do it again if His people will cry out to Him.

Myles Holmes 
Lead Pastor REVIVE http://www.reviveusa.net

Myles Holmes Ministries


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