What level are you?

After decades of Pastoral Ministry, speaking in churches and consulting with pastors across North America, I am convinced of this state of the church. Grade yourself, and please ask the Holy Spirit to show you what must be done in order for you to move up at least 2 notches on this gradient. 😀❤️
The 7 Types of Souls In Any Church 
1. FAITH-FILLED/FEARLESS – (Prophetic leaders, change agents, the Lord’s joy and the devil’s nightmare)

2. FESTIVE- (Excited, enthusiastic, loving Christians, happy to be here!)

3. FORMING – (Growing, deepening, developing a spiritual life.)

4. FAILING UP – (Struggling, but a true desire to mature in faith.)

5. FICKLE- (not dependable, not committed, may show up, may not …depends)

6. FOOLISH – (Refuse to obey spiritual leaders, do not submit to authority.)

7. FAKERS – (No genuine conversion, troublemakers, malcontents, using the church for their own purposes, critics and complainers.)

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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