Month: June 2017

SMH 🤦‍♂️ 

Christian authors, please DO SOME RESEARCH before you publish your books!  Just read a book by an evangelical mega Pastor, in which he quoted Ghandi approvingly, quoted a Marxist Communist leader as an authority, and spoke approvingly of the Arab spring, which was a Muslim violent uprising. SMH 🤦‍♂️

I believe I need to get a few more volumes published.

Book # 5 coming up soon.

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What level are you?

After decades of Pastoral Ministry, speaking in churches and consulting with pastors across North America, I am convinced of this state of the church. Grade yourself, and please ask the Holy Spirit to show you what must be done in order for you to move up at least 2 notches on this gradient. 😀❤️
The 7 Types of Souls In Any Church 
1. FAITH-FILLED/FEARLESS – (Prophetic leaders, change agents, the Lord’s joy and the devil’s nightmare)

2. FESTIVE- (Excited, enthusiastic, loving Christians, happy to be here!)

3. FORMING – (Growing, deepening, developing a spiritual life.)

4. FAILING UP – (Struggling, but a true desire to mature in faith.)

5. FICKLE- (not dependable, not committed, may show up, may not …depends)

6. FOOLISH – (Refuse to obey spiritual leaders, do not submit to authority.)

7. FAKERS – (No genuine conversion, troublemakers, malcontents, using the church for their own purposes, critics and complainers.)

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


“Permanent, perpetual, practical revival is the only kind I am interested in.”          Myles Holmes 
I agree with evangelist Steve Hill (1954-2014) who wrote…”people turn revival into a thing. The moment you turn it into a thing or a season, you bookend it. You can put it on the shelf and you can walk away. Revival is God. How do you walk away from God?”

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 

My Girl’s BDay 🎈❤️

I’m celebrating My Angel’s birthday all this week, but especially on Saturday. ♥️
58 Random Things I Adore About You, My Wife

1. beautiful inside and out

2. forgiving

3. kind

4. your hand in mine

5. your passion for the Word of God

6. your lips on mine

7. your love for our 5 children and the beautiful way you stay close to them and spouses

8. your singing

9. your incredible culinary skills

10. your laughter

11. your writing

12. your smile

13. your style

14. your hair

15. your devotional life

16. your belief in me and the calling of God on my life

17. your love for God’s people

18. your heart for the lost and hurting

19. the sound of your voice

20. the way you snuggle

21. the fact that you never sleep in, ever

22. your deep insight into the Word of God

23. your love for flowers and landscaping

24. the way you keep our home clean and spotless

25. the way you keep yourself healthy and fit

26. your patience

27. your love for Israel

28. your eyes

29. your wit and sense of humor

30. your strong commitment to conservative values

31. your understanding of the American political world

32. your generosity

33. your speaking, preaching & prophetic ability

34. the way you worship God

35. the way you perfectly balance contentment with passion for excellence

36. your computer skills

37. your fashion sense

38. the way you age with grace, beauty and charm

39. the way you support my dreams

40. your incredibly sharp eye and fantastic editing skills.

41. your complete honesty and love of the truth

42. your prophetic gift of encouragement to me

43. your application of the Word of God to everyday life

44. your support of my ministry wherever God has called me

45. your amazing gift of hospitality

46. your love of fun, adventure and travel

47. your love of home, the comfortable and familiar

48. your crazy and sweet unpredictability

49. your beautiful penmanship and handwriting

50. your organizational and administrative skills

51. the way you look in a gorgeous evening gown

52. the way you look in jeans and a T-shirt

53. our evening walks

54. your love of children

55. your compassion

56. your wisdom

57. your common sense

58. the way you look at me

Birthday blessings, my Love Valerie Holmes♥️🎉
Myles Holmes Ministries

Video; Curse-Breaker!

Jesus- Curse Breaker


-Wicked Warfare

Jesus is always speaking blessing, some people and satan are always speaking curses.

Our lives are an exhibition of who we have been listening to and repeating.

Jesus has come to heal, restore and break every curse. Learn how to use the two-edged sword, and reverse the curse by rehearsing a verse!

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE