You, yes, YOU, my friend, are fascinating!
You could have a best-selling book written about your life story, made into a blockbuster movie, with all the trials, ups and downs, your failures, what people of done to you, all the victories, all the mountains you’ve climbed, all the storms you’ve been through, all the battles you have won and lost, all the tears shed, all the laughter and joy you have enjoyed … and you’re not done yet! WOW 💥

You’ve survived! 

You’ve made it! 

Your life story is fascinating. 

Every single person you meet is the same. Battles you may never know about, struggles they may never share with you, joys and happiness that they couldn’t describe if they tried.. That’s right. We are all FASCINATING.

Every once in a while someone will meet me and say, “No not me…my life is boring. I’ve had the most boring life imaginable, the most boring life ever.”

I open my eyes wide, asking them with great curiosity, “How on earth did you manage to survive having to endure the most boring life ever? That is FASCINATING …tell me about it!” 😀

Now, if you want to take your fascinating life to the next level, invite Jesus Christ to be the Captain of your ship, the Lord of your life. This simple but eternity-impacting decision will catapult you into the greatest adventure, a journey that He calls the Abundant Life! ❤️

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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