Terror Threat 

Friday on Fox New Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly (pic below) said if Americans knew what he knew about terrorism threats they would “never leave the house.”
Kelly said, “It’s nonstop. The good news is, for us in America, we have amazing people protecting us every day, DHS, obviously, FBI, fighting the away game is DOD Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, working with these incredible allies we have in Europe and around the world. Local law enforcement and police forces also. But it can happen almost here anytime.”
Are you awake yet? 
This is NOT fear mongering. 

What this is for the first time in eight years, thanks to President Donald J. Trump, is FINALLY someone in the Washington telling the truth.

This is also why I stay prayed up, and why you never see me without my brothers Smith and Wesson. ✅

Myles Holmes Ministries


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