Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

This Mother’s Day weekend I pause to honor this woman of God, my loving wife, mother of our five children and sweet grandmother to Preston.You have been an awesome model of love and marriage and motherhood to each of our five married children.

You are fun, focused, fabulous and Faith-filled!

Valerie Holmes, there are no words to express what you mean to your family. Right now I could sneak a picture of you on our back deck doing what you most love, early in the morning before most people are up, saturating yourself in the Word of God, praying for our family, our church and this world.

God knows the prayers and desires in your heart, and in His time He will answer.

In our years together, you have been an evangelist’s wife, a recording artist and singer, a pastor’s wife and Pastor, a Christian television personality and speaker, and now a pastor’s wife and Pastor again, and you are loved for your heart and your warmth and your passion for God’s Word everywhere and everytime you minister.

I will love you forever and then some.

Happy Mother’s Day my sweet girl.♥️💝😘

Myles Holmes Ministries


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