Biblical Preaching 

A friend who was severely overweight, began to exercise and run, eat properly and she slimmed down. She kept losing weight, was looking great, but many of her friends began to question her. “Are you sick. What’s wrong. Do you have a disease? Are you OK?”

She happily informed them that she was better than ever, they just did not recognize healthy. They did not know what healthy looked like.

When you start preaching the truth about morality and social issues, when you start demanding righteousness from leaders and society and culture, some people in your ministry will say to you, “Pastor, your preaching has become too political.” 
You need to say to them gently…

“No, you just don’t recognize Biblical preaching, you don’t know what Biblical preaching looks like.” 😀♥️

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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