Earth 🌏 Day? (Yawn)

What’s the big news about tomorrow April 22, 2017?It’s Earth Day. (Yawn) 😀

This is a day the world worships trees as it ignores the fact that our environment is actually in better shape than it has been in generations, more deer in our forest, more trees in the woods, than in 1900, etc. 

So don’t expect me to get all worked up about a planet that God promised would always have summer and winter, cold and heat, seedtime and harvest.

The real news about tomorrow is that on April 22, 1864 the US Congress approved the addition to our nation’s coinage –

“In God We Trust”

That my friends, is something to remember, to commemorate and to celebrate! Most importantly, we simply must make a strong re-commitment to this belief and trust.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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