A Superior Culture 

Top 10 Reasons Western Judeo-Christian Culture is Superior to Other Cultures
1. It encourages the freedom and liberty of the individual.

2. It encourages the freedom and autonomy of females.

3. It does not promote the killing of innocents.

4. It promotes the freedom of religion and the exercise thereof.

5. It values the family and the importance of marriage.

6. It believes government works for the people and not vice versa.

7. It encourages the growth of private property, individual entrepreneurship, and the right for people to work where and in whatever field they choose.

8. It is compassionate, caring and willing to share in times of trouble or disaster whether across the neighborhood or across the globe.

9. It is totally dedicated to the concept and reality of free speech and a free press.

10. It is unapologetically and clearly founded upon the principles of the Laws of God found in the pages of the Bible.

These and other principles have brought greatness to the nations of the West. Any deviation or compromise on any of these principles will weaken the very foundation of our society. We must at all costs, protect, promote and empower these guidelines. Unfortunately, at least seven of these have been under vicious attack for decades. Our task is daunting, freedom-fighters, but the future we leave to our great-grandchildren is worth the battle!

Islam is dedicated to destroying these values.

Progressive socialist liberalism is also determined to annihilate these virtues.

This is not a battle that we can leave to another.

We must demonstrate strong support for President Donald J. Trump and America First! 🇺🇸

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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