Seeds of Revival… Protection!!! 🔥⚡️🙏

Seeds & Harvest month at REVIVE cont…
“Protecting Seeds of Revival, Preserving the Harvest of Glory”

When the Holy Spirit begins to move mightily in your church, your life or your ministry, you can EXPECT the enemy to stir up trouble. He will do his best to divide, distort and destroy the very unity that has welcomed the move of God. As a church member, you must guard against becoming a tool of the enemy in anyway. If you are the leader, responsible for shepherding the people of God during a fresh wave of the Spirit, you must guard your heart against bitterness, anger, defensiveness or judgment. Keep the faith, stay the course, love your enemies, give no space to the devil, keep your eyes on Jesus, stay saturated in the Word of God and don’t look to the left or the right.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 

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