The Shack?

WARNING!The Shack Book and movie 

Here is my simple analysis of just some of the false doctrine and blasphemous teaching.

(Yes, I have read the book)
1.) God the father was crucified with Jesus

2.) God is limited by His love and cannot practice judgement 

3.) God forgave everyone on the Cross, whether they repent or not…we all go to Heaven 

4.) Hierarchical structures, church or government, are evil

5.) God will never judge people for their sins 

6.) There is no hierarchical structure in the Godhead, only a circle of unity 

7.) God submits to human’s wishes and choices 

8.) Judgement will never take place because of love 

9.) There is no place of eternal judgment 

10.) There many different ways to get to God 

11.) Jesus is constantly being transformed along with us

12.) Everyone goes to Heaven 

13.) The Bible is not true, because it reduces God to paper

14) muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, Democrats, Republicans, Christians, are all the same just different systems.

15) pantheism, (everything is God and God is everything)

16) syncretism, (mixture of all religions into one)
This movie is not simply an allegory with a different way of thinking about God, it is a totally different God, a foreign God, a false God and it is blasphemous and leading even Christians astray. Jesus prophesied that even the elect will be deceived. 

The broad acceptance of this book and movie in Christian circles and by Christian leaders only shows our desperate lack of discernment and Bible knowledge.

Stay on guard, stay in the Bible.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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