Whoops 😬 

“So glad we’ve had this conversation, LORD! You know me and my problem with “commitment”. Heh-heh! I know you get why it’s so hard for me to tell my friends about our relationship. I just kind of keep my feelings private. And prayer meetings? Nah! You get why I can’t possibly tithe, or give regularly, or make it to Wednesday evening Bible study, and why it’s so difficult for me to get out to church most weekends. The kids with their ballet lessons, and sports commitments, And me with my golf lessons… you know life gets so busy. I am literally so beat, -oh sorry- let me say I am so whipped, -whoops, sorry again- let me just say I’m so TIRED! I’m so glad you understand! 

You da MAN! 

High 5, LORD?” 


(do we ever stop and think about precisely WHO we are us explaining our lack of commitment to?)

Myles Holmes Ministries


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