Think about this…

Before Jesus Christ began his public ministry, He obviously took over His foster father’s carpenter shop, and made all kinds of common place, every day helps for people in their homes and businesses. Think of it, you are eating at a table that Jesus of Nazareth made, with no idea that He is the Son of God the Redeemer of the world.
You’re eating out of bowls that the Hands of the Savior has shaped for your use, and totally unaware.

You have visited His shop, admired His work, and you have recommended His business to your friends and family, completely oblivious to Who He really is.

Now 2000 years later, how many of us are using so many of the gifts that the Savior has shaped for us, and still unaware of Who has blessed us?

Life, health, family, blessings, any joys in your life, are all gifts shaped lovingly in our Savior’s Hands. Go to church tomorrow morning, and do not take His blessings for granted.

You now know Who He is , let Him know how grateful you are. ❤🙏

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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