Laugh & Learn

From my “Funny but True” File! 
A preacher was visiting various families, encouraging them to increase their support for the church Building Fund.
He was chatting with a farmer, and asked the farmer, “If you had two barns, would you give one barn to the work of the Lord? Farmer responded, “O, Pastor, you know I would, in a heartbeat.”

The pastor asked, “If you had two tractors, could you spare one for the work of the Kingdom?”

“Why most certainly I would Pastor, if I had two tractors, without hesitation!”

“Well, if you had more than one cow, could you spare one to support the church?”

“Now, preacher, that’s meddling, and you know that’s not fair, you know very well I have more than one cow!”

 Funny but true! It’s very easy to promise God what we don’t have, and hold back on what is in our hands. Bring the very best love-gift offering for the work of the Kingdom this Sunday morning wherever you go to church! 😀❤
Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE 


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