Here’s a New Year’s “Revolution” you still have time to make and keep! Attend your church’s midweek Bible study prayer and fellowship!

Whether it’s a church service, a Bible study, a life group, a connect group, a cell group, a prayer meeting, you need this midweek spiritual boost.

  Just a generation ago, most Christians who were sincere in their faith attended Sunday morning service, Sunday night, a midweek service and other special outreaches, rallies, revivals etc.

Today it seems like many Christians are satisfied with two or three times a month attending the Sunday morning service only. And we wonder where the power and the fire has gone?

I encourage you to make this a holy habit, not out of ritual, obligation or religious bondage, but out of a sincere desire to grow in your faith and fellowship with other believers.

Thank God we have been delivered from legalism, but we have not been set free of the need for commitment.

Myles Holmes Ministries


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