Make the Word Priority 1!

The Best Idea for 2017!Read through the Bible, carefully, prayerfully & systematically.

Here is the plan I have been using since my teens.

*5 Psalms a day

*1 chapter of Proverbs daily

*3 OT chapters daily

*1 NT chapter daily

That is only 10 chapters a day, and the result is at the end of the year, you have read through the entire Bible once, you will have started on your 2nd journey through both the OT & NT, & you will have read through both Psalms & Proverbs 12 X.

This is an amazing journey, one you will not regret.

Establish a daily place and time, make this a Holy Habit.

Use a translation that is helpful to your understanding.

Get started tomorrow morning!

Anybody with me?

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


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