Free System 

Free Goal-setting Program No cost! 

The “Myles Holmes 5-Step Simple Goal-Setting System ” 😀
Just in time for the release of a brand-new calendar!
 Understand that only 3% of educated westerners practice any form of clearly written goal-setting, and only 1% monitor those goals daily, but that 1% control 90% of the wealth in North America! 💥⚡

 And this is Biblical… ‘WRITE the vision, make it plain!’
 So here is my plan…

 1. Write down what you can do.

 2. Write down what you cannot do.

 3. Write down what your Father, Almighty GOD can do.

 4. In light of #3, go back and erase # 2.

 5. Get to work on #1, in light of #3!

 Myles Holmes Ministries, REVIVE


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