Proud dad 👏👏👏

My son, Zack Holmes, Royal Canadian Air Force, second from left, is a SAR-tech, (Search & Rescue), they fly or parachute or climb mountains or dive into the sea, or into caves, or into storms, or cross the Arctic to rescue those in trouble. Their motto” “THAT ANOTHER MAY LIVE”.This week he is on another training mission to keep his skills at top-notch, in the mountains, and in the freezing snow of the Arctic.

(we are still doing genetic testing on Zack and his team, but preliminary results seem to indicate there is a replication & recombination of the toughness of Chuck Norris, the innovative technique of McGyver & the compassion & medical skill of Dr. Marcus Welby)

It has also been determined, that he has the tough hide of his dad, and the brains of his mother. 😀

Kudos to his sacrificing, loving wife Ripley Holmes and son Preston, they give so much, so that Zack can be this hero.

Yes, proud dad here.❤️


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