TEAM-HOLMES 😀❤️Driving back-and-forth across five states over two days, listening to many talk show hosts, they’ve all got a year-end team fundraising appeal going on. “Team-Gallagher”, “Team-Elder”, etc, so I have decided to establish a Team-Holmes fundraising appeal. NONE of these funds will come to me personally, but will support the ministries of REVIVE, a powerful, Holy Spirit-blessed church, that ministers to the poor and the needy, the outcast and the lonely, the high and mighty, sharing the love of Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit with an end-times anointing.

Your gift could help us with our Compassion CHRISTmas Giveaway this Sunday morning, 

(Pic below) where we give toys and gifts to hundreds of individuals who would otherwise not have any presents to celebrate the birth of Christ with. 

You can give safely and securely online at 

If we have ever blessed your lives, on television, in person, here on social media, or in an evangelistic Crusade, consider giving a gift today.

Any gift, large or small helps to support the preaching of the gospel here at home and around the world. God bless you and Merry CHRISTmas 🎄🎁


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