Month: December 2016

Our Prayer…

Our New Years Prayer for You!
To all our REVIVE Family, and our family, friends and ministry partners all around the world….

It is New Year’s Eve!

We are praying that this New Year of 2017 is filled with GOD’s favor, blessing and mercies that you realize are new every morning.

May GOD grant you a series of miracles that assure you of His Power and Presence.

May you walk in increased wisdom and divine health.

May you have the spiritual depth to appreciate the small blessings that most take for granted.

May you grasp every opportunity to share a smile, a word of encouragement and the Love and Hope of Christ with a hurting world.

May your expectations be high, your disappointments few and your laughter contagious!

We love you and there is nothing you can do about that! 😀❤

It is our high calling and honor to pray for you and your family, so let us know what we can agree in prayer with you for.

Our best days are ahead, because GOD is waiting for us there!  

Lead Pastors Myles & Valerie Holmes REVIVE

Myles Holmes Ministries


Don’t miss REVIVE’s New Year’s Eve Party tonight 9 PM until 2017! Fun and games and food for the whole family, and at 11:30 PM a time of worship, a powerful prophetic word over 2017, and we will pray in The New Year.Today is also your last opportunity to give in 2016 for tax credit. Know that God honors every gift given in faith, and we will pray a blessing over you this evening as well.

We will receive an offering this evening, or you can give online at

Join us as we call down Heaven’s blessing over our lives, our families, our church, and our nation.
REVIVE  1105 Beltline Rd. Collinsville IL

Make the Word Priority 1!

The Best Idea for 2017!Read through the Bible, carefully, prayerfully & systematically.

Here is the plan I have been using since my teens.

*5 Psalms a day

*1 chapter of Proverbs daily

*3 OT chapters daily

*1 NT chapter daily

That is only 10 chapters a day, and the result is at the end of the year, you have read through the entire Bible once, you will have started on your 2nd journey through both the OT & NT, & you will have read through both Psalms & Proverbs 12 X.

This is an amazing journey, one you will not regret.

Establish a daily place and time, make this a Holy Habit.

Use a translation that is helpful to your understanding.

Get started tomorrow morning!

Anybody with me?

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Schedule it!

Thinking about what you’d like to get done in 2017?WHAT GETS SCHEDULED HAS A MUCH BETTER CHANCE OF HAPPENING!
1) Dream

2) Think

3) Strategize

4) Plan

5) Schedule

6) Execute

7) Enjoy 😊 

Many people never realize step number 7, because they somehow mysteriously believe they can skip numbers 5 and 6.

Catch this! Things don’t just happen, somebody, by God’s grace, makes them happen.

Write the vision, make it plain, and then RUN with it.

Yours, for more in 2017,

Myles Holmes Ministries

Be the Change!

In 2017….BE the change!Sow the change.

Invest the change.

If you want to find more grace in the world be more graceful.

If you want to find more hope in the world be more hopeful.

If you want more joy in the world be more joyful.

If you want more friends be more friendly.

If you want your church to be more prayerful, show up to prayer meeting.

If you want revival, get revived.

When we start taking responsibility and stop pointing the finger, personal miracles will begin exploding in us and all around us.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Still time, but not much!

Just hours left! Act now!No, this is not a last-minute sales push, this is not the bargain of the century, the deal of the decade which you must purchase immediately.
This is simply a reminder that we will soon close the book on 2016. You only have hours left to do what you know you should do. Make a phone call. Write that e-mail. Restore that relationship. Pay up what you owe to GOD, whether it is in tithes or in reconciliation.

There really is no reason to carry hurts and hang-ups into the New Year. You may need to forgive others, or you may need to forgive yourself. You may need to stop doing something or pick up a wonderful new habit. You may call it Goal-setting, Attitude Adjustment, Resolutions or Personal Transformation, or something else, but for GOD’s sake, just do it.

There is nothing magic at all that happens at the stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve, unless you put the magic in it, which is the awesome, overwhelming, world-changing, life-altering ‘Power of Personal Choice’.

GOD has given us the responsibility to choose. No one can choose your attitude, your mood your actions or your re-actions. GOD will not even force us.

However, if we choose to do the right thing, the good thing, the necessary thing, even if it’s humbling and causes personal sacrifice, we can set in motion a chain of events that will turn the next year into twelve months of miracles!

Today’s technology means that right now you have the time to do what you must do. Email, Facebook, tweet, text, call somebody right now if you need to say “Hey I really love you, I must make this right”, etc. etc. Go ahead. I triple- double- dog dare you to create not only a Happy New Year, but a Happy New YOU! ❤

Myles Holmes Ministries , REVIVE