World-Class Christian!

No matter what happens in this election next week, we have been brought to the Kingdom for precisely THIS moment!

2 weeks ago we talked about 10 marks of a no class, low class Christian . They are indecisive, indifferent, incongruent, inhibited, insincere, insensitive, inbred, incompatible, insulted, and ineffective infantiles. 

Today … 

 10 Distinctives of World-Class Christians

A World-class Christian is a believer determined to set the world on fire, to live above and not beneath, to live a life of spiritual excellence and give God all the glory and praise.  

1) Informed Interpreter of the times -The Bible says the men of Issachar had an understanding of the times, to know what they should do. (1 Chron. 12:32) A world-class Christian pays attention to the culture, the political landscape, and has an interest in history, and has an understanding of how it all fits in to Bible prophecy. A World-class Christian is looking for and expecting the soon return of Christ.  

2) Insistent Investor in the Kingdom- A world-class Christian is a giver who wants to give and give cheerfully. An investor who knows it is wise to plant for an eternal harvest. A sower who plants with an expectation of harvest. (Luke 6:38)

3) Incendiary Intercessors- These are prayer warriors who start spiritual fires. They ignite nations with the fires of revival. They set cities ablaze with God’s glory. They are not satisfied with whining, wimpy, wish-bone praying, they are determined to pray through to a breakthrough. (Dan. 10:12)

4) Involved Influencers- Servants who do the work and inspire and motivate others to work alongside them. They’re so enthusiastic about serving Christ it draws others to the task at hand. Their cheerful attitude towards kingdom work literally motivates others to do the same. (James 2:14-20, Acts 9:36-42)
5) Inexhaustible Innovators- They never tire of change, if it helps build the Kingdom. They’re addicted to the message, not to the method. They’re more interested in the results than the process. They look for new ways to get new results, better ideas for a better harvest. ‘Same old – same old’ is distasteful to the innovator. (2 Cor. 5:17)

6) Indisputable Integrity- they are men and women of righteousness, right living, right walk, right talk, no guile in the mouth, clear conscience before God and men, allowing no bitterness, unforgiveness or strife, determining daily not to grieve, resist or quench the Holy Spirit. They are the same at home as they are in church, the same in the dark as they are in the light. (1 Peter 3:16)

7) Inspired Intelligence- An ability to learn, have a high level of teachability. They use their mind for righteous purposes, protecting what they fill their mind with. They read, learn, grow and love education. You have the mind of Christ. We’re being transformed by the renewing of reminds. We’re to choose to only think about those things that are lovely, fair, good report. (1 Cor.2:16, Matt. 22:37)  

8) Increasing Intensity-The righteous are as bold as a lion. (Prov. 28:1)The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. A world-class Christian has decided to do more for God than ever, and expects more from God than ever. There is no slow down, no retreat, no back-pedalling or apologizing for the truth, only forward advance in victory. (John 14:12)

9) Industrious Inverters of the Natural Order- These are they who have turned to the world upside-down. (Acts 17:6) When you’re busy turning the world upside down, or depending upon your view, actually upside right, you don’t have time for petty arguments and foolish disagreements. We really are serving in an upside down kingdom. Love your enemies. Do good to those who spite fully use you. Turn the other cheek. Forgive. Bless those who curse you. Rejoice in trials. In other words, do what Jesus did.  

10) Instant Intimidators of the devil. -There were times when Jesus just spoke one word, a single word and demons had to flee. I believe there is coming a time, when world class Christians will understand they carry the Living presence of Christ within them. They’re filled with the same anointing, the same yoke destroying, burden busting, death defying power that raised Jesus from the dead. The same Spirit that resurrected Christ from that tomb dwells in you! I am more dependent on that anointing today than ever. That anointing, that precious Holy Spirit wants to speak and move and work through you and me! World-class Christians understand that when they walk in the room the devil trembles because they are the living ambassador of the Presence and the Power and the Person of Jesus Christ by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. World-class Christians, let’s turn this world upside down! (1 John 3:8)
Myles Holmes Ministries


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