Unprecedented? LOL

😂😂😂 hilarious. Pay attention.un·prec·e·dent·ed


“never done or known before.”

All weekend long on the radio and television , public appearances, Hillary Clinton and all of her surrogates are uttering the word “unprecedented” as if it means something vile, diabolical and evil. This is “unprecedented.!” (The reopening of the investigation into the emails.)
And everybody raises their eyebrows in shock and dismay! “Oh my! Have you heard? This is unprecedented!”


I will try to say this slowly. …
‘Unprecedented’ simply means it has never happened before. It has never happened before, because, never before in history has the United States of America had such a crooked, conniving, criminal candidate for the highest office in the land. 
Get it?  Got it?   Good!

Myles Holmes Ministries


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