Month: November 2016

Sick Agenda!

Ontario is Canada’s largest province in population, with 40% of the nation’s population. Sadly, they are leading Canada even further down the road to moral and social collapse. Just today, the provincial parliament approved new laws that do away with the terms mother and father. They have done this so that they do not offend any LGBTQ parental units.

This mental sickness of liberalism affects everyone around them, as this passed unanimously and not even one Conservative MPP voted against it.

This left-wing lunacy, is part of the broken culture’s agenda to destroy all gender, boys cannot be boys, girls cannot be girls, mothers and fathers cannot be moms and dads.

Another one of Einstein’s theories is being proved, he said that the only difference between genius and stupidity is that there is a limit to genius.

Get back to the Bible, get back to right and wrong, get back to truth and morality, before it’s too late for saving culture. Thankfully America, with the election of Donald Trump, is turning back to some foundations of reality and truth.

Canada needs the same kind of grassroots movement.

Canada’s church needs to rise up with a strong voice like a mighty army and turn the tide back, no longer fearing government or laws or restrictions. Wake up Church.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Perfect? Not!

If you insist on waiting for perfect circumstances to begin to obey God, if you are not willing to risk and to step out in faith,well…sigh… it’s been nice to know you, see you in Heaven. (You obviously are on your way out and up, where there is nothing but completed perfection) 😀

The rest of us need to get busy and “occupy till He comes.”

Dream BIG my friends, because we serve a great BIG Mighty God.

And yes, do your best, and if that’s not good enough, do what’s required, always push for excellence, but don’t wait till you are guaranteed successful conditions.

Winners work hard, winners don’t whine or wait for winds to blow in their favor. They simply readjust their sails.

Myles Holmes Ministries

Giving Tuesday 

Nov. 29/16Giving Tuesday is a worldwide effort in the middle of our consumerism, materialism and spending over the holidays, to focus on making a difference in lives around us with a charitable donation.

Let me encourage you to support the ministries of REVIVE, a church that still believes in the power of the gospel to transform lives, we still feed the hungry, help the hurting, encourage the downtrodden, make CHRISTmas a special memory for hundreds of families, and preach the whole gospel for the whole man.

All donations in the US are tax-deductible. We will pray God blesses you immensely, and multiplies any seed you sow. Even $5 or $10 makes a difference. Lives are healed, families are helped, hope is restored and smiles return.

Give cheerfully and generously, and know that 100% of your giving goes towards building the Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Give safely and securely online at

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deal at Myles Holmes Ministries. Buy 1 book and be blessed, buy 2 books be doubly blessed, buy 3 books and be triply blessed. 😀

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There is a stirring in every human heart to worship. But are you bowing before the only true subject worthy of eternal adoration? Join us tomorrow at REVIVE, as together we worship God, the giver of Life, the Creator of all.
Sunday at REVIVE

9:15- Coffee Bar

9:30- Faith Academy; all ages.

10:45- Worship & the Word


1105 Beltline Rd., Collinsville, IL — at Revive USA.

Healing the Hurting

My son, Jordan Holmes, Christian counselor and licensed professional therapist in Tulsa OK, always says… “Don’t ask people what’s wrong with you?, ask them, what has happened to you?”
Wounds, hurt, pain, abuse, neglect, shame & loss are roots that produce bitter fruit.
That simple but dynamic change in focus, will move you from pointing the finger to lending a hand, from judgment to compassion, from blame to mercy.
Myles Holmes Ministries