Educating liberals…

Another clear example of liberal lunacy.A few weeks ago I had a private conversation with a retired liberal Washington politician, who is also a retired high-ranking military official. I asked him why he felt so safe and secure in America when our military resources, personnel and our hardware,(planes, ships etc.) are all at lower levels than in many decades.
He kind of half-smiled and half-sneered at me, and said very condescendingly, “I hope you realize that our airplanes and missiles and ships are much more accurate and faster than anything we had in World War I or World War II. We have laser guided missiles now. We don’t need the same numbers of people or resources because we have new, modern weapons.” 

I responded, “I hope you realize that our enemies have advanced their weaponry as well.”

He was speechless, stuttered “I have to run….” and turned and walked away.

The task of educating clueless liberals never ends. 😃

I really wish this were much more funny, but it’s actually tragic and ultimately dangerous as these are our leaders.

Pastor Myles Holmes Ministries 



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