Month: October 2016


This evening is the 499th anniversary of the nailing of the 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door. This was not the beginning or the ending of the Reformation, but it was a pivotal moment. Let me paraphrase and break it down into 5 simple statements, and you can decide if they still have any application today.1) You cannot buy your way into Heaven.
2) You must repent and believe, not purchase your salvation.

3) You cannot offer money to purchase God’s blessing, forgiveness, pardon, favor or help in this life or the next life, for you or your loved ones.

4) Power, position, pomp, prestige, or popularity in religious circles is not necessarily a sign of God’s presence or favor.

5) Any religious system that promotes these heresies must repent and return to the preaching of the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE

Trust Trump?

“Myles, can you trust Trump?”I was asked earlier this week if I can trust Trump, with all of his previous history, the fact that he used to be a Democrat, etc.
I responded this way.
I certainly have 100% trust in Hillary Clinton that she will do exactly what she says she will do. Her diabolically evil promises, to open our borders, to increase islamic immigration, to turn the Supreme Court even further away from American values, to diminish Christian liberties, to further restrict capitalism, and promote socialism, and much more, yes I trust and believe that she intends to keep her promises to do all of this and even more evil. 

Do I trust Donald Trump? I don’t believe Donald Trump will be able to accomplish everything that he has promised, but even if he is able to complete 50% of what he intends to do, and keeps 50% of his promises, I will be one very pleased American. Therefore, yes, I must vote for Donald J. Trump!

Myles Holmes Ministries

Tulsa Therapist, my son!

My son, Jordan Holmes…(link below) if you’re hurting, confused, in pain, need direction, need your faith in God restored, and you live in the Tulsa area, this is the man to see.

Jordan Holmes, LMFT

Educating liberals…

Another clear example of liberal lunacy.A few weeks ago I had a private conversation with a retired liberal Washington politician, who is also a retired high-ranking military official. I asked him why he felt so safe and secure in America when our military resources, personnel and our hardware,(planes, ships etc.) are all at lower levels than in many decades.
He kind of half-smiled and half-sneered at me, and said very condescendingly, “I hope you realize that our airplanes and missiles and ships are much more accurate and faster than anything we had in World War I or World War II. We have laser guided missiles now. We don’t need the same numbers of people or resources because we have new, modern weapons.” 

I responded, “I hope you realize that our enemies have advanced their weaponry as well.”

He was speechless, stuttered “I have to run….” and turned and walked away.

The task of educating clueless liberals never ends. 😃

I really wish this were much more funny, but it’s actually tragic and ultimately dangerous as these are our leaders.

Pastor Myles Holmes Ministries 


My book is only $8, vote Trump!

Get my book before it’s too late. 

Only $8.

*Restrict immigration.

*Build an actual border.

*Lower taxes on individuals & cut back regulation on business.

*Support our veterans & our military.

*Uphold religious liberty.

* Support the First & Second Amendments.

*Stop the rampant corruption in government & in both parties.

Elect Donald J. Trump !

The Porn Plague!

Powerful new series for men only.* Men who struggle with porn.

* Men who have found victory.

* Men who are tempted.

* Men concerned for their sons or grandsons.

* Men who know somebody in bondage.

* Men who know this is a battle we must win together, and want to come alongside other brothers in the fight.

* Men who know how to pray and tear down strongholds.

(In other words this is for all men, please come and support this important work)

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Vote Trump/Pence

If by some horrible disaster Hillary Clinton is elected the next president of the United States, and 5 or 10 years after that you hear that I’ve been arrested and I’m in prison for preaching the gospel, or telling the truth about homosexuality, or warning about Islam, I want you to be certain to thank all the never-Trumper’s who put me there.You think I’m joking? 

You think this is not possible? 

Then, you’re as uninformed as I thought you were.
We’ve got one shot at this people. Vote for Donald J. Trump 

Pastor Myles Holmes Ministries REVIVE


So many are looking everywhere, searching high and low for miracles. It will be much easier to find miracles all around you if you start with the first, YOU are a miracle!Only by the grace of God have you survived & made it thus far. The fact that you can still smile, the fact that you have not been destroyed, the fact that God still has a purpose and a plan & a passion for your life. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am a miracle”, close your eyes… breathe in deep ….and then open your eyes and begin to see miracles all around you.

God is still on His Throne.

Jesus is still Lord.

The Holy Spirit is still leading you into all Truth.

And yes, you are a miracle!

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE


You are a creator.Your words create.

Your words create your environment, your mood, and the world you live in.

Your speech either elevates your fear and dismay and your doubt, or the things you say promote your faith in God and His Word.

Jesus told us we could move mountains if we start speaking, and there’s no better moment than now, no better day than today.

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE