Month: September 2016

Trump is right! Pick up my book.

For those never-Trumper’s who insist that Donald J. Trump is racist because he wants a working and functioning border, and vetting of immigrants, let me ask some simple questions. Do you lock your doors at night? Do you lock your car in a parking lot? Do you have a fence in your backyard?Does any of this make you racist? Of course not. 

For more clear-headed, simple logic like this, pick up my book today for $8! 


What a blessing to once again be able to share one of my life mandates in ministry tonight in Morroco, IN at the River Church!”The Dream Message!”

Several years ago, God uniquely and supernaturally marked my life, and anointed, appointed and empowered me to release, restore and resurrect hidden, broken, neglected, and forgotten dreams, burdens and visions.

You were born for a purpose.

You were created for a reason.

You are some kind of an answer to some kind of problem.

You are at least a part of God’s solution to a major issue on this planet.

You matter, here and now!

You are not an accident.

You are not a mistake.

You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. 

What motivates you, interests you, excites you? 

What bothers you, angers you, burdens you or keeps you up at night?

What would you immediately start to do and work on if money and time was no object?

What did you dream of doing as a child or young person?

Anyone or all of these could be clues to the dream and the vision that needs to be birthed or restored in your life.

If it’s a GOD vision, it will be bigger than you, and you will need God’s miraculous, wonderworking power. But you can do all things thru Christ. Your dreams can come true. 

Write it down, make the vision plain, talk to people who believe in big things, and pray about it. 

And if you need to talk to an encouraging Dream Coach, that’s one of the reasons I exist. 😃❤️

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE


“The further you drift away from God, the less that will bother you, and the more self-confident you will become. The closer you are to God, the more you humbly understand your utter, complete & total dependence upon His mercy and grace for every single breath you breathe. His Presence will become more real to you than your next heartbeat.”

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE

Church tomorrow?

Will you be in church somewhere tomorrow morning to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 911? 15 years ago, several Sundays after 911 in churches across North America attendance went up 30 to 35%. I noticed the same in the church I pastored in Canada. Within the month numbers went back to normal. In times of crisis people seek God… Will you need a crisis before you seek Him again?

Don’t wait for that, the doors are open, there’s a place for you around the King’s table.

Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE


Can you, WILL you, STAND? 
“Standing against moral decay that has become accepted and celebrated takes Courage.
Being willing to be mocked, ridiculed, misunderstood or ignored, for your bold stand for Truth, without self-pity or pride, demands Maturity.

Correcting deception & delusion without arrogance or condescension requires Grace.

Walking in holiness while reaching out with compassion to the broken takes Sanctification.

Loving the lost, rebellious, angry of the world without accepting their sin calls for Character.

Seeing the good and the beauty in a despairing soul demands Faith.

Living IN this world, but not being OF this world, means you are a Christian.” 
Pastor Myles Holmes REVIVE